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Mobile applications is the current holy grail for cyber criminals

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Mobile applications is the current holy grail for cyber criminals

Cyber criminals terrorize the World Wide Web with their well designed and highly technical methods to hamper the usability of computers and internet. Criminal are of different types, depending upon their objective. 

Few companies often hire professional hackers to harm the work efficiency of their competitors. Technology is advancing in rocket speed. How much secure you make your systems, professional hackers keep on educating themselves on the updates. Once they discover loopholes in the system, they easily penetrate and wreck havoc in the life of users. 

Mobile applications are creating a lot of buzz currently. Problem creators have already started searching for gaps that can be used to launch their terrorist acts. But the tech gurus have formulated many security codes and feature that can be imbibed to keep away hackers and malware creators from penetrating your created mobile app.

How safe are you in the Modern World?? How often do you ponder on this question??

If not, it is time you start analyzing deep into the matter cause we are currently dwelling in a highly volatile environment where per second a crime is committed across the universe. Criminals and troublemakers count every second to cash on any opportunity to launch their offensive weapon.

As technology is slowly getting more advanced, so are the criminals, who are also educating themselves to use the loopholes to their vantage.

Smart phone applications has created a lot of hype in the technical world lately.

Though they are designed to make the end users happy, they, unknowingly, opened new venues for the trouble makers and terrorists.

We do not realize that we, ourselves, have handed over powerful weapons in a platter to the offenders to be used against us.

Yes!! Mobile devices and their applications are the current Holy Grail for cyber criminals and, unknowingly, we are the initiators.

Allow me to take you deeper into the matter. But first it is important to have a basic idea about the term, ‘Cybercrime’.

What is cybercrime??

The term ‘cyber’ refers to anything which is related with computers, information technologies, virtual reality etc.

Hence ‘Cybercrime,’ relates to all those criminal activities that are carried out by means of computers and internet.

Then, Who are these hackers and malware creators??

You may not be fully in knowledge of the fact that the market is filled with hackers and malware creators.

So who are these guys??

But obvious, a hacker is a security breaker, who is waiting to get one opportunity to spread malware into your network or computer system. Any weakness or loophole in the web network, personal computer or on your mobile application is the perfect weapon that they harness to launch their malware acts.

Thus, the tech gurus stress on this one fact which is to secure your system, phone and other devices by using security locks or passwords etc.

But, you know, Locks keep out only the honest.’

The hackers are smart people, rather more intelligent compared to you and some offenders hire professional hackers to carry out their criminal work. As technology is getting more and more upgraded and complex, there is fair chance that loopholes will exist.

These hackers educate themselves on the new invents and easily discover loopholes and gaps that might not be visible to a layman.

Got scared??

Well! There are options still which you can opt for to atleast protect yourself from becoming a possible victim of these crimes.

So if you are an app builder, you have a huge responsibility resting on your shoulder to ensure your app users are safe while using your created app.

Which are the Cyber Security Issues to observe while developing a mobile app???

  • In-built security not reliable-

Among the multiple app development platforms, iOS is considered the most secured option since all the applications go through an extensive screening process before they make their place in the app store. Then again, the screening process is not smart enough to detect every single malware or virus.

On the other hand, the most popular Android platform leaves the entire responsibility of security on the end-user shoulder. Hence it is easy and quick to develop an app on the android platform and have it published on the Play store which is a different story with iOS apps.

But the risk of security still persists. Both of them have their own set of drawbacks and unreliable security measures.

So it is better for you, as a developer, to tighten your own application’s in-built security system to prevent any glitch. And leave the rest on your end-user.

  • Verify and analyze source code and existing codes-

This is applicable for such applications that are developed on an Android platform. On one hand, it is quite simple and easy to develop your app with little or no knowledge on coding.

You can use the various tools, devices or even source codes from other developers. You can also fish in already created code from another application to build your app.

Application takes quite sometime to get fully operated. Most developers tend to use the free codes instead to speed up the development process.

However the scary part is that, some of the free codes are actually developed by the hackers themselves in the hope that some ignorant developer may just pick up their creation to use in their application making process. By doing this, you practically present all the confidential data and information to the trouble makers, allowing them to steal whatever they want from your database.

You need to know, Pakistani and Iraqi hackers usually hack the mobile applications and website of known individuals, businesses using some existing codes.

  • Weak data encryption-

It is not possible to safeguard your app on a specific device. Hence it is imperative to observe security measures at the time of building the application.

Smartphones have become smarter allowing users to conduct most of their important task through the portable device. Thus, knowingly and unknowingly, expose their confidential information to the cyber hackers.

There are multiple possibilities by which user data get exposed to the external parties such as loosing your handset or sharing company data to non-enterprise application. Few common sources of data leakage are cookies, buffering through copy/paste data, data logging etc. Try to design your app that does not involve feeding critical data directly onto the device.

However, some functions involve exposing few of your personal information to the device. So it is better to follow certain security measures.

Using data encryption is the logical option and application must not have backup option to store data. The more popularity your app gains, the more likely it is going to get hacked without strong encryption, resulting in such sensitive information getting stolen.

Summing Up

“Prevention is always better than cure.”

It is better to adopt security measures at the time when you develop your own application rather than searching for a cure at a point when the damage has already been done.

Words like cyber security, cyber theft or cyber crime has been doing the rounds for quite a long time. The terror acts that take place in the world around us, also harness the cyber space to plan and carry out the task.

You must realize the magnitude of this current problem that we all are facing today. As a responsible human being, each and every individual need to join hands and observe strict security measures and together fight the malicious attackers out there.

Technology is vulnerable and web space is easily accessible. Mobile applications benefit our daily lives in more ways than one.

But the troublemakers can utilize this very product of necessity to terrorize the world.

Your data, your life is not safe. Start protecting them.


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