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Virtual reality taking the center stage in mobile app development

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VR gets closer to reality. Your can experience living in your future home through a VR headset.

Speaking of your favorite mobile apps from today’s time, Facebook, Pokémon Go, Google, YouTube are all coming of age in the real world with the fascinating Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It’s not unwise to say that very soon your workplaces will live inside a VR headset and thus, you won’t be able to distinguish between the real world and that virtually-created real world.

Imagine an office that turns into a vacation place- a beautiful, calm beach with wild animals roaming around and you enjoying the cool breeze and fresh waters. You’ll never want to leave that office.

Right? Enterprises and companies are envisaging a future where the workforce release their routine stress by adorning those VR headgears and moving into a completely restful realm. It will be a cognitive renewal for getting back to work.

VR app development is taking the center stage everywhere. Be it a social media platform or a gaming app or a sports channel app, the technology ha immediately got attention from all leading Fortune 500 to offer exceptional experiences to the user before they could even realize the need.

The best part is that these virtual worlds are no more virtual as they are constantly advancing to becoming more and more natural to the senses.

Virtual Reality app development

Making an alliance with mobile app development, VR technology is becoming popular and user’s preferred choice.As almost everything is at our fingertips now, Virtual Reality adds that oomph to the lifestyles because the possibilities are endless. Many VR experts are working on ways such that a virtual reality app will help businesses magnify their presence in the market and get closer to the millennials, modern audiences.

iPhone and Android app development companies are gaining expertise in integrating VR with mobile apps because it isn’t easy. For a mobile app of this kind, you certainly need to hire an expert mobile app development company to create a VR-focused app.

Only an average app development team won’t work here, you need a full-fledged experienced solution provider like Konstant Infosolutions, having a team of stellar designers, developers and project managers, who can well integrate the concepts of VR into a mobile device.

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How are companies using VR tech

Intel, the well-known IT company, is planning to sponsor Olympics 2024 by showing off its technology through high-profile sports events. VR is their pick for that. Intel will partner with Olympics committee to show the best of modern technology including artificial intelligence and 360-degree views, thereby enhancing the sports on the grounds.

To reach to those people who are living in a digital world, Intel has signed many other deals with major leagues of football, basketball and baseball. What they will do is provide a remarkably engaging and interactive experience to sports fans through True VR technology.

During live broadcast of events and games, viewers will have the option to choose from four different VR angles and have the access to out-of-the-town scores, player data and game stats on a virtual screen.

Similarly, a Finland-based startup, Varjo technologies is emulating the same thing by creating an immaculate virtual workspace through the superior VR headsets they are developing. They aim at offering VR solutions to professionals that match the human eye such that they can actually see things the way they are.

Varjo claims to bring enough resolution and clarity that people can actually throw away monitors and have loads of fun in leisure time with their colleagues. Experts at Varjo mentioned that this kind of technology will be useful in medical, construction, designing aviation for training and simulations.

Real estate sellers are using VR tech apps for providing a virtual tour of home/property even from a different country, before physically seeing it.


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