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Avoid installing 8 popular app yet harmful applications

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Usually we install an application on checking their rating and user feedback oblivious of the lurking danger hidden within the otherwise popular application

Do you know there is an app for almost every single thing available in the app store?? But you are not aware which application will prove beneficial to you and which particular application will result in ruining your mobile phone. Often, you end up installing unnecessary harmful smartphone applications on your device which does no useful work for you.

Rather it only eats up the unnecessary phone space and drains battery life from the system. Also, there are few others which are crowded with malwares, dangerous viruses and even contents that exerts a negative impact on the users, especially younger generation since there is no way to stop kids from accessing the smartphones.

Thus parents need to be careful before handling their device to their children.

There is a huge list of such mobile phone applications in all the popular app stores. It is not possible to identify the useful applications and you are quite likely to install the unwanted application to your phone.

Allow me to introduce to you few applications that you better avoid because they are harmful to your children and to the device as well.

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So, which are the 8 mobile harmful applications that you need to avoid installing into your handset

  • Savage Knife for Android- Google did remove several apps that used the BadNews advertising network from Google Play last month. Savage Knife for Android was one of them. BadNews advertising network aggressively push ads on to the user’s mobile device and was also responsible for sending out “malicious advertising content” such as links and payloads. Once the payload gets installed in the device, it started performing various tasks on the device such as sending SMS messages to prime rate numbers, without the user’s knowledge.
  • Live Wallpaper-Savannah for Android- Live Wallpaper-Savannah for Android was another example that used the BadNews network. Though this harmful app is no longer on Google Playstore but still available on Amazon and other marketplaces. BadNews network turned out to be a “distribution channel for the bad guys” on installation.
  • Apps that claim to save  RAM- It is important to note that Android manages RAM usage automatically and clearly knows when to run or stop an app. Hence third party applications who claim to save phone’s RAM is unnecessary. Such apps claim to close the running applications in the background. But, in reality, they exhilarate the issue of running mobile applications eating up RAM and battery life.
  • Clean master or cleaning app- Clean Master or the other Cleaning apps promise to clean up the user’s phone to speed up the performance. However, at times, deleted applications sometimes do leave behind some cached data, but it is not necessary to download a dedicated cleaner. But this issue can be easily sorted within the phone set-up. There is no need for external parties to clean up the handset. Clean Master and similar apps require a lot of battery power, and their in-app advertising that takes a chunk out of the user’s monthly data allowance.
  • ES File Explorer- It is one of the popular file explorer applications initially. But the present situation is different. The free version is full of bloat ware and adware that continuously nags the user to download additional apps using non-disable-able notification bar pop-ups.  
  • UC Browser & Dolphin browser- Both of these browsers are tracking users’ activities remotely. Dolphin browser saves the incognito mode website visits in a separate file within the user mobile device. UC browser, on the other hand, track and send user’s search queries to Yahoo and Google without encryption, also user’s IMSI and IMEI numbers, Android ID, Wi-Fi Mac address and user’s geo location data to third party tools.
  • Kik Messenger- This is a private messenger application which is a favorite among school kids ageing below 18 years or so. Young users can easily send across private messages to their friends, hidden safely from their parents’ eyes. This app allows users to hide their identity under a made up username. Third party websites allow users to search for people based on things like age and gender as well. The anonymity feature makes this application is the hunting place for sexual predators and a perfect medium to carry out sexting online.
  • Omegle- This messaging app has been in the market since the year of 2008 and the video chat feature was added in the year of 2009. The anonymity option allows users to engage in sexual activities. Since they target young vulnerable students, they are likely to fall victim to blackmailing predators. They start with inappropriate conversations which eventually turn into threats and blackmails. The app’s slogan is “Talk to Strangers”. Users can login with their Facebook account and the app access their Facebook “likes” and try to match them with strangers having similar likes.

Summing Up

It is not feasible to mention every single damaging application that can prove harmful to your device. So it is your responsibility and if you are smart enough then try installing such applications you can trust and have properly read through the contents and features.

Little bit of research is essential before you take a plunge into anything. If you have already taken the plunge, then try to be cautious.

If you see any suspicious activity after installing a particular application, immediately take action and have it uninstalled from the system and its residual cache deleted.

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