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7 ways to promote your app without spending a single penny!

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In recent day, every business develop a mobile app. Every app needs marketing to increase no of engaged users. But they don't know how they can promote their app. So, Appinventiv has explained all tips which are helpful to promote an app.

You have developed a mobile app and even launched it. What’s next? Many people believe that an engaging mobile app needs no marketing; it can get magically downloaded by millions of people within a week of launch.

But, is it really so? There are immense number of mobile applications in the app stores. In such a situation, your app would get lost in the sea of mobile apps submitted if you do not promote your app.

To promote your new mobile application, you must come up with a fruitful marketing plan. Otherwise, either you will lose a hefty amount of money or won’t get expected outcome.

And this is surely not acceptable by you or anyone after investing so many efforts and funds in developing the mobile application. This is why the developers of Appinventiv- the top mobile app development company is sharing their secret to promote app in an inexpensive way:

1- Create a Blog

This is one of the simplest and useful ways to promote your application. Start a free blog on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Tumblr and Blogger.

Link this blog to your website and also mention it in the app description in App store. Add useful and enticing information related to your app along with screenshots in this blog, and keep it updated with time.

Through this blog, you can enable users to know more about your app and thus, prompt them to download it.

Similarly, you can go for Guest blogging to promote your new mobile app. When you post on other’s websites/ blogs, you can gain more visibility and backlink in some cases.

2- Make Short Videos

Visual content can bring more user engagement. So, think about it! Make short videos about your app describing its cool, all-new features and submit them on YouTube, Vimeo and other such platforms.

This is a great tool to give a reason to users for downloading and using your app.

According to the reputed app development agency Make an Inquiry about this news, one should firstly understand the targeted audience and then shoot a video they can easily relate to. Similarly, you can go for infographics.

Make creative infographics and share them on different sites and platforms.

3- Use Social Media

Social media platforms is the finest way to connect a larger audience and promote app efficiently. Here you can freely promote your app by writing captivating posts, sharing screenshots and even the videos.

You can participate in group conversations and encourage people to try your app. You can even start your own page on Facebook and other accounts.

Get ready to rock your app on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms now!


4- Reach out Tech Blogs

Make a list of the top Tech blogs and send your best blog to them via email. Do not stalk them; they get tons of mails daily and hardly pay attention to all.

Instead write a significant yet short email they could not resist looking forward to.

5- Ask for App Review

The leading mobile app development company recommend submission of app on app review sites like Make an Inquiry about this news and Make an Inquiry about this news. This will not just help in gaining relevant reviews but also enable higher app visibility.

6- Work on ASO strategy

As per the renowned mobile application development company Make an Inquiry about this news, making a superb app is of no use if it does not get noticed in the app store. To make your app get counted among the top-searched apps on the app store, work on ASO strategy.

Optimize the app icon, title, and description. Add relevant keywords and upload high quality screenshots.

And this way, make your app rank high in search.

7- Ask users to promote your app

The app features like ‘Refer a friend’ can help your current users to share the app with others and get exciting discounts in return. This is a full-proof plan to uplift the number of app downloads along with offering exceptional customer experience.

Likewise, promo codes or free trials can also be taken into account for app promotion.

Wrapping Up!

Follow these tips and promote your app in a cheaper and effective manner. But above all, pay attention to your users.

They can help you to find the right market strategy and impact of the same on your app’s popularity.

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