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Startups compose a winning story following 12 steps to a successful mobile app creation

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It has already become an established fact that mobile applications have benefited startups and the hired team of dedicated mobile app developers gave your business the much-needed leg up the success ladder. The end objective of any business is to reach out to the maximum users apart from gaining a handsome return on the asset investment.

What best can cater to such an objective other than mobile applications?? Kissing the heights of success does not happen overnight and involves quite an intricate process through which an application gradually molds up to attain the desired end result.

Whether you hire Android mobile app developer or the iOS one, the steps in building up the app is more or less similar and can be well defined by 12 steps.

So, let’s begin with the journey:

  • Ideation and fixed vision- The most important stage and i.e to have an imagination coupled up with a definite vision. Rest of the procedures begins immediately after that but only if the vision is consistent.
  • Well-defined core objective- Once the idea is decided, it is important to identify the core objective of the business, whether the startup is going to be a profit making or information based.
  • Market research and competitor analysis- Market research and competitor analysis forms the very base which will decide whether the venture is going to be a success or the whole idea is going to be dumped. Such research data will aid in identifying the existent participants indulged in the similar business and the current market potentiality for the same.
  • Identify market segment and category- This forms a part of the market research that will help in narrowing down on the market segment that your startup plan on targeting and which category the end product will fall into. Categorizing your startup only makes it more simple for your target customers to easily seek you out amidst the ocean of applications.
  • Narrow down on platforms, app approach and devices to be targeted- Any mobile app development company will opt for targeting the Android platform for the simple reason that Google is quite lax towards any new app to be uploaded in the app store. If you have to choose a specific platform or a device, it is advisable especially for startups to target multi platforms or engage in cross platform app development and design the application that caters to a wide user base rather than sticking to a niche. Also, whether you are planning on developing a native, web or hybrid app is decided in accordance with your time and budget constraints.

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  • Select the fitting revenue model- The app market is currently on a rise and is currently considered as the most profitable sector. Even if you are designing an application to generate information yet it is a fact that the app is built with the purpose to generate revenue which makes it imperative to zero down on the app revenue model that will best define the nature of your business.

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  • Choose an appropriate analytical tool- Android or iPhone app developers, both will follow different analytical tools, incorporating such appropriate analytics will succeed in clearing on factors such as a number of visitors using the app, user retention percentage etc through Google analytics, flurry etc.
  • Design the application and develop a prototype- Now it’s time to design the application prototype incorporating little basic functionality to clear out who is actually buying the idea. Such a prototype also attracts investors and manufacturers and obtaining licensees.
  • Launch for beta testing and feedback- Launch the beta version of the app prototype aptly defines the target group, identify device specific bugs and draw helpful feedback from the users.
  • Capture and analyze the metrics- The beta version of the developed application offers a clear insight into the customer behavior correlating with the app, their expectations out of it, also signifying why users fail to compile with the desired user actions such as in-app purchases or ad clicks.
  • Upgrade the app with new features- Based on the metrics analysis, it is time to upgrade the application by installing improved and innovative features, also staying up with the changing guidelines pertaining to different platforms.
  • Adopt mobile optimized marketing strategies- Just uploading the application is not enough to survive the stiff competition. The top rated mobile app development companies succeed only by investing lump sum amount into marketing strategies to trigger app popularity.

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The mentioned mobile app development stages will guide any new venture across the intricacies involved with the complex and extended process governing a standard mobile application life cycle if they plan not to involve any mobile app developer. Then again it has always proved to be an extra advantage in harnessing the experience of an apt professional developer such as Fluper.

A top mobile app development company, Fluper, has rendered quality service in the form of mobile apps to some of the top brands and start-ups across the globe.


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