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Low-Budget Marketing Tips to Get Your Mobile App Started

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Don’t get anxious when you have absorbed all the allocated budget, and are left with a little in your kitty. Here are tips to promote your startup with a low budget.

Being a startup, there is a strong possibility that you don’t have surplus funds. The allocated budget for different streams can jumble in the process leaving you with a bundle of nerves. However, in situations like these, you need to keep your cool and continuously explore in-depth to make it work.

There are plenty of marketing tactics that can help you win the day when you are facing a budget crunch.

Here is a rundown of the same helping you to acquire customers without spending much on marketing.

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1. Great content attracts great customers

It’s evident that content promotion is one of the best ways to grab attention of the users and eventually, making them fall for your services or products. Get started with a blog, use it as a platform to share meaningful insights about your niche, informative articles, infographics and blogs, what’s happening in your company, who’s involved and how you streamline things to get desired results.

Be active on social channels, engage people and invite them to comment. You can be funny and innovative with your social posts keeping your users glued to your business even when you are not selling anything.

Your blog readers and social connections are your potential customers, try to build on the relationship and keep them happy.

2. Rely on your referrals

No marketing tactic is better than your friends referring your company to their friends. Word of mouth is powerful and rewarding so don’t let go this opportunity knocked through referrals. Your work speaks for itself and a referral is an appreciation from your past happy customers.

Let your loved ones be your startups brand ambassadors and trust me, they’ll bring a lot of benefits.

3. Find partners

Getting associated with a well-established brand that can help you sail the boat through your initial rough patches. You can collaborate with a third-party web development company or blogging websites by offering them free, useful content pieces in return of your brand’s promotion. Partnering introduces a whole new audience in your niche that increase your brand’s visibility to manifolds

4. Newsletters help you win

It’s a great way to generously ask your blog readers and site visitors for a purchase. Not just a purchase, you can focus on giving them an insightful story of what’s happening in your company or how your organization is evolving using real-time stats and figures. Plus, it helps in building relationships and promoting your business with the little money you have.

5. Apply online for emerging business awards

This can help your startup earn badges and certificates that you can place on your website. Badges from top ranking and review firms on your website enhance your brand value, boost credibility, trust and eventually sales.

Final words:

Building a brand isn’t a cakewalk. It requires continuous efforts and conviction towards your goals. The rise in the demand of web development has leveraged us with innovative marketing ideas, mediums and tricks that help us compete and grow.

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