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Smartphones have created an irreplaceable place in our world. Nothing is here to take their position any time soon. In fact, there is no need to replace them because they are full-fledged PCs that fit the size of our pocket. They make computing on-the-go a possible thing as you can carry them wherever you go…

I will not say regular PCs and desktop have anything less than smartphones but I must say they aren’t as portable as smartphones. The growing popularity of smartphones has also pushed app development industry. As we know, our smartphones are nothing more than a container without apps, we need these apps and thus, there is also a growing market of mobile app developers around the world.


On the other hand, the app stores of leading platforms: Android and iPhone host millions of apps but not all of them are equally popular or successful.

The apps, which do fit the ever changing trends in mobility, do not also satisfy the consumer-base.

Of course, it’s quite tricky for app developers as well as the app owners to come up with an app that will really be successful. This doesn’t apply on entertainment apps only but also on enterprise apps. This is why there is need of innovations even in corporate and enterprise applications, too.  

With time, new features, functions, technologies and trends keep coming and the old one becoming irrelevant. The camera, for example, has now become an integral part of personal computing. Calling or texting, for example, are only the basic functions of smartphones as these devices now come with such power which can perfectly render large software such as a game. Old computers, for example, were accessing the web either through cable-based local area network or through Wi-Fi, but new phones have more than one ways to connect with networks such SIM-network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even local area network through cable. 

So the usability of smartphones has influenced businesses, organizations and institutions to bring everything on down to the smartphones, also in the perfect control and better safety. Apps, sites, databases and whatever you can think, you can easily access all these from your mobile device, straight in your hands. 

Now when the whole world is mobile, what next will happen? This is what this post aimeas to make out. Let me offer you a brief highlights of the most recent and upcoming happenings in the world of smartphone mobility.

But before them, let me make a background with following stats. These stats are often provided by the companies those provide OSs, Apps, devices. Here we go –

  • By its research Facebook indicated that 73% of people owned mobile devices in 2014.
  • As of a Google analytics conclusion, every mobile session in 2014 spanned more than a minute for a total of closely 180 minutes per day.
  • A Forrester search’s figures indicated that closely 4.8 billion people used mobile phones in 2016.
  • An App Annie’ projects states that revenue generated by app stores will cross $100 billion globally y 2020.
  • A report from Ericsson evaluates that there would be nearly 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020.

What does this stats make us learn? Indeed, it clearly indicated we all – from individuals to businesses – bank on smartphones which actually run by apps.

Here are the trends to happen in future. 

Hybrid app development to get more preference

We will see that more and more businesses are choosing hybrid mobile app development technology for their app projects. The primary reasons leading business to turst on hybrid approach includes affordable development cost and quick turnaround time.

Beacon and integrated GPS technology

The key purpose served by GPS technology is blurring the barriers between online and offline modes. But mobile app development has now well prepared  to handle it. Location information too is guiding the new age retail platforms.

Location-based technologies

The technology of location is helping mobile app developer tracking locations of users and along with destinations. The data generated out of these trackings isn’t helpful in main courses but also providing solid base to marketing and promotion campaigns.

Wearables and IoT

Wearable and IoT technologies are getting traction and, more and more businesses around the world are looking for scopes in integrating them to their systems and software. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is now giving people and employees with virtual spaces to work on things as they are actually there.


E-commerce is gradually shifting towards M-commerce which means people have started to prefer their mobile devices to purchase things online.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being brought to mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news which simply means that future apps will be smarter and intelligent. 

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