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Why you need to look forward to micro apps in 2017

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Are you planning to invest money and efforts in building a micro app for your business? Know more about the same before you proceed.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. The official app stores- Apple Store and Google Play Store have seen a flood of apps lately, catering to users of varied age groups, interests, preferences and more.

There are more than 2 million apps on Apple Store while for Google Play Store, this number raises to 2.2 million. Clearly showing how crowded these marketplaces are.

But, on an average, a user installs a maximum of 40 applications out of which only 3 or 4 are actively accessed. Also, most apps stay for a day or two in the device before user uninstalls them.

So, what is causing users to use those three-four apps frequently, while keeping others at a distance? Why aren’t all apps equally accessed? What mistake is being made by mobile app development companies? Is there a flaw in the development process?

Let’s find out.

There is a tendency to build feature-rich apps. Businesses want to make a condensed version of an existing website, software, online service or desktop app.

They want same functionalities to be handled by a mobile app, on a small screen, which is not possible or you can say, is not viable.

Also, pushing beyond the prescribed limits can not only hamper the mobile app performance but can delay the mobile app development process.

Mobile apps are different and meant for particular tasks unlike those larger counterparts, which can be loaded with an extensive list of features.

Along the same lines, we have micro apps that are more targeted and focused than usual mobile apps. They are built to perform specific operations and are not loaded with countless features- instead they come with that one important feature which made the user download the app.

They are built using HTML and therefore, you can stay away from the crowded app stores.

How Micro Apps Add Value?

With the capability to satisfy everyone from startups to enterprises and customers to employees, they are simply superb.

1. Smartly built

Micro apps are built using HTML/HTML5, which makes them dynamic, robust and quick to access. They are engineered to serve the purpose.

They are smart, easy and can be integrated seamlessly with the existing system. They can be loaded directly in communication tools like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

2. They don’t beat around the bush

The purpose of micro apps is quite prominent. You know what needs to be done and how it’ll be done.

You just need to open the micro app, perform the necessary task and exit. Just like in the case of Facebook Messenger, meant for chatting- you open the app, see who’s online, chat with that person and exit.

3. Excellent user experience

Regardless of the device and platform, a micro app allows you to accomplish tasks in a flash. Build a micro app that’s accessible everywhere whether you are on-the-move or stationed in front of a desktop.

4. Stay updated all the time

Create a micro app for notifying the employees of your organization whether they are travelling for a business meeting or busy in achieving their targets. Inform them that the sales department has closed an important deal, HR department has managed to rope in a person whose candidature was holding from quite some time and more updates like these about the organization.

5. To-do micro app can be useful

Dismiss those fully-loaded assignment desktop applications and switch to micro apps. A quick task notification for all employees as soon as they arrive office.

How cool is that? Employees know what exactly they need to do on a specific day and what’s the deadline.

Final thoughts

Micro apps are highly targeted that not only result in a fillip to the development process but can also help in increasing the efficiency of your workforce. Reduced time to develop an app means you can build more number of apps in the same time as you are building now.

Eventually, sales get a boost and you append more customers to your satisfied patron list.


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