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How will iOS 11 updates affect your app store optimization strategy?

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Is your app iOS 11 ready? Don’t know? Then read this blog mentioning different changes observed in the Apple’s app store & revive your app launch strategy.

The release of iOS 11 remained a hot topic in the market for a long, with a wide array of updates revealed at Apple WWDC 2017. But, the biggest revolution iOS 11 brought is the revamped Apple app store.

Since its inception in 2008, this is the first time Apple has renewed its app store. The new Apple app store looks cleaner and sophisticated with the newer layout.

It is focused on delivering more consistent app browsing experience, which eventually adds to the excitement of the app users. But when talking specifically about the iOS 11 app developers, they need to update their strategy of getting their app discovered and downloaded.

5 Major Changes Observed in iOS 11’s App Store

If you are an iOS app developer, it is required that you know about these changes influencing your app store optimization (ASO) strategy. And this way, ensure your app success.

  • Better Discoverability!

Apple’s app store has introduced a new tab ‘Today’ which will provide users with a list of the top applications of the day. With millions of applications launching in the App store every week, this move will aid the developers to showcase their work more easily.

This will enhance the relationship between the app developers and Apple, as well as encourage browsers to link with Apple-recommended applications via long-form stories and thus, install those apps.

“Though you can promote your app via submitting your app story on Make an Inquiry about this news, it is better to promote your app outside the App store as well,” says one of the top app development companies in USA Make an Inquiry about this news.

  • Different Level of Competition!

The Apple has replaced the ‘Categories’ tab with ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ section. With this diversion, it will be easier for the iOS 11 app developers to make their application visible to the interested users (no more hiding behind the games).

However, now the app marketers have to focus more on the marketing as now they have to compete with not only the apps of the same category but from the other categories as well. The users won’t feel the need to go through the long browsing journey to reach your application, so you have to take a step forward.

  • Variation in Rankings!


For the last 9 years, getting the app featured in ‘Top grossing’ chart remained the prime goal of the iOS mobile application developers. But now with the exclusion of this chart, the ranking of the applications will completely change.

The lists (for both free and paid apps) are available, but still, it will adversely affect the existing strategies of the application development team. Now, the Apple app developers have to focus on getting their application on the top of the search list so as to reach the app users.

As per the top-rated iOS app development agencies agencies Make an Inquiry about this news, the average ratings will not reset on the release of an update. This is a great effort in encouraging the iOS app developers to bring app updates more often.

Now, you can determine when to reset the average app ratings and improve the quality of your application.

  • Revised App Content!

The iOS 11 app store update is not just concerned with the appearance and browsing experience. Rather, it is also associated with the way one interacts.

According to the reputed iOS 11 application developers, the headlines are shortened, sub-category section is established, more preview images are supposed to display and much more. In short, the whole app page is reinvented.


The app name is shortened from 50 characters to 30, while an additional subtitle field is added to mentioned the key feature of your app in 30 characters. Besides this, a new promotional text field is added to the app store where you can highlight the latest news about your application in 170 characters.

Again, developers can submit up to 5 screenshots and 3 video app videos which will automatically begin to play (in muted form). This can be seen as a tool to attract users and prompt them to install your application.

Another major change an iOS application developer will face is that they won’t be able to change their app’s description any time. Now, they will be able to update the description only when rolling out a new version of the app.

  • Increase in In-App purchases!

In-app purchases and subscriptions can be directly obtained from the app listing page, which means now there are lower barriers to purchasing phenomenon. The developers can illustrate about 20 items on their listing page, and customers can initiate an in-app purchase even before the application is completed.

According to the top app development companies, this change is meant to get more high-value users downloading apps, and balance the overall decrease in the app downloads.

Wrapping Up!

There are enormous of opportunities that the iOS 11 app store offers to the mobile application developers, provided they are not working on 32-bit apps. These major changes, as mentioned above, are supposed to completely review the app ecosystem and the way developers and marketers were using this platform.

Right now, the only certain thing is that the professionals have to adopt the new app store rules and regulations to better execute their App Store optimization (ASO) strategies.

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