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mCommerce benefits for increased sales and enriched user experience

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A mobile app for your online business can offer impeccable experience to users and increase sales. It is not an overrated statement. Learn more.

mCommerce revenue has increased at a staggering 40% rate year after year since 2014. Clearly,it depicts the mammoth growth this domain is likely to encounter in the coming months.

Considered a fancy option half a decade ago, a mobile app has now become a requisite to levitate sales and grow a business by leaps and bounds.

The cost of developing a mobile app has gone significantly down- thanks to app developers based out of India.

App developers in India build high-quality apps at a compelling price than developers residing in other parts of the world. Which is why the number of people turning up to Indian app developers for developing their next game-changing app has increased in the recent past.

eCommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart have proven that mobile apps perform, though not better than vibrant websites but certainly help in improving user engagement, user experience and sales. This has made a convincing point in the market and is giving courage to newcomers to start their mobile app journey.

Benefits of mCommerce

Owning an app is not sufficient to guarantee elevated sales. However, it is a great tool to enhance the user experience, brand recognition and the customer service.

Here are certain advantages of mCommerce that’ll persuade you to build a mobile app if you still haven’t.

1. User experience aggrandized

People are familiar with the way smartphones work, so it isn’t tedious anymore for them to navigate to the desired product’s page. mCommerce enables them to quickly reach the product’s detail page and place the order thereafter.

In addition to ordering, users can share the purchased items with peers and ask for a feedback on the same. The smoother the flow of buying goods, the better is the user experience.

2. Quick checkout

Some would say that mobile version of a website is same as a mobile app, which is not true. A mobile app is 1.5 times faster than a mobile-friendly website.

This means users can explore the catalog quickly, reach the checkout page and process orders faster than in case of a website or a mobile version of it. The intuitive mobile browsing that the mCommerce app offers drives up the sales eventually.

3. Personalized communication

Mobile apps allow you to have customer-focused communication. Thanks to push notifications that make it possible in an unobtrusive manner.

This isn’t possible in case of websites. Each business wants to re-market and re-target their visitors and convert them into customers.

Push notifications help in devising personalized plans with targeting as effective as you’d like it to be. A research says 50% of users like push notifications as it helps in making them aware of latest discounts and personalized deals based on their interests.

4. Data analytics

A mobile app helps you to setup analytics of different types and levels. As a result, actionable insights are produced that help you strategizeand target in a better and an efficient manner.

Basic information like age, sex, location, interests, past purchasing habits and more can help you devise personalized marketing strategies that deliver results and increase the sales.

5. Budget-friendly solution

A mobile app helps you cut down several marketing and analytics costs that earlier asked you to spend a fortune in order to get things right. With a mobile, you can analyze your customers better, understand their needs, preferences and purchasing habits and thus, plan to create customized marketing strategies for effective targeting and enhanced revenues.

The social media integration within your app can help in spreading the word, making your brand famous in just a few days. Allow users to share their recent purchases and favorite items on their social profiles, which will spread the word.

Final words

With over 1 billion smartphone users looking to buy goods online, mCommerce will only flourish. E-commerce apps make it easier for users to make purchases, discover new goods and relevant deals, which is one of the reasons why users like to shop via mobile app and not through a website.

So, if you run an online store, consider investing in a mobile app before it’s too late.


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