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Homophones of technology: Java and JavaScript

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The urge to be online for every small and big business is growing day by day is increasing the demand for programming languages but do we really understand how are these languages differ from one another.

Mobile application development is based on these languages for future products. Both Java and JavaScript belong to the same family as the base is OOP (object-oriented programming) but they are quite different in their usage.

JavaScript was before named as LiveScript, it was developed by a bunch of developers at Netscape in 1995 to make the web page more interactive and dynamic. Java is a high-level language developed by sun microsystems to have a platform-independent programming language.

Once your device has JVM(Java Virtual machine) java can be coded.Every device has JVM as it decodes the source code into a binary language that is understood by the computer.

The web pages on the browsers started with HTML and then CSS came to make the page interactive until javascript came into the game. JavaScript is a must if you are working with the appearance of your page on a particular site.

Now when the web pages started developing we had just HTML and all coders know where in and how of developing web pages and then the developers of Netscape came up with the totally new language JavaScript. The already existing needed to be upgraded and the beauty of JavaScript is that it can be embedded into the HTML pages making the life easier for the front-end developers and effective interaction for web directed android application development.

Java is the most versatile programing language. It runs on all the devices irrespective of the operating system installed.

The Linux based operating system Android uses Java for the implementation of mobile applications. To understand the basic of Java lets put it this way, the house requires a lot of efforts to convert it into a home.

The kitchen prepares, furniture provides comfort and bathrooms help you clean your body, each sector works independently but are put together to function as a whole. Similarly, objects are defined in java programming which performs different tasks independently but to make them function as a whole they are put in a class.

Let's see how do they differ

• Use of Translator to make the machine understand
The machine only understands 0s and 1s whereas the programming language uses arithmetic operations and English language to code. Therefore, either a compiler or an interpreter is needed to machine language.Java uses a compiler which takes longer time and is written in c or c++ language whereas Javascript is interpreted at runtime and takes a shorter time to decode and the language used to design the interpreter is python or ruby.

• Nature of Checking Methods
Java is written and then scanned in the end for all type of errors giving it the static nature whereas Javascript is checked at every code line so the developer can correct errors at the same time which makes it dynamic in nature.

• Concurrency
The term concurrency means the ability to execute two processes at a time. Now for javascript, the threads for concurrency are managed at the server-end by the intermediate whereas in java runs both the threads parallel and has no intermediate.

To conclude

The choice between java and javascript is not yours to make, it depends upon the requirement of the project. If the android mobile application development is required, you go to Java and in case the requirement is for web development you go for javascript.

Now that you know how both programing language insides, you can pick an appropriate language to go ahead and start investing time in.

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