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Apps prototyping tools are the cyber labs for creating application

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The idea doesn’t just turn into million dollar business in a day similarly the application prototypes are the way to get a flawless application for either ios or Android mobile applications for the user interface.

The application store is flooded with ample of applications and the best way to get your application prepared for user interaction is by creating a prototype which can interact with all the sectors of the development. The robustness and ability of an application is an important aspect of making a good application for excellent user experience.

The simulation results in the prototype help boast developers confidence and encourage to add few more features to the prototype because of the if the virtual works the real isn’t far behind.

Prototyping tools have proven out to be the best user experience and user interface and are as fascinating for an artist as it is for a coder.

The artist can sketch his mind image using different shades and see the final results for its prototype whereas, on the other hand, it’s a friend to the coder as he can walk his application walk through all stages and see the implementation virtually.

The server code for API can also be built with the help of the prototyping.

Let’s check out some of the app prototyping tools

 Ionic creator: This tool helps the mobile app developers to create and manage the ionic app. It is a drag and drops prototyping tool or every platform may it be iOS, Android or web.

 Sketch: It is an exclusively macOS prototyping application. Although sketch comes embedded with other prototyping tools like Photoshop.

The only advantage sketch has is it has flexible symbol usage.

 Baslamiq: This prototyping tool runs on the web, OS X and windows, and prototypes for Android, web, iOS. The feature it offers is rapid prototyping, brainstorming, designers who like sketching.

 Invision: The main feature of Invision is that it is designed for large teams. Commenting directly on the prototype is given by Invision for instant feedbacks; the reminders for auto-update are initiated by the tool and the synchronization with dropbox, cloud, Google drive, and slack.

Steps to keep in mind while developing an app prototype

Step 1: Find the problem
The very first step is to see the problems around you to be solved and if the solution for the same is possible or not and how can it be relevant for profit as well.
Step 2: Identify the features of your application
The application with just one feature is no more accepted by any user, there has to be a unique feature of the application and all other features as well.
Step 3: Decide the screen for your application
Now that the concepts have been built around what problem needs to be solved and what features will the application hold? Now it’s time for screen orientation selection. The contents and the interface of the application can be drawn using prototyping tools.
Step 4: Convert your sketch to wireframes
After the sketch for the screen is read prepare for the wired frames which means how the application is going to react to the user. For example, first there will be a login page, then the filters, product display and finally payment gateway.
Step 5: Wireframes into the prototype
The prototype is now ready for the trail by the audience and the tools can help integrate the wireframes into an application prototype from which the feedback can be drawn for future improvement.
Step6: Final Design
Finally, its time to showcase your application now to get your application on the pixels you can contact the top-rated mobile application development companies or contact freelancer for the same.

To conclude:
The prototyping tools are the saver of mobile app developers, it adds the real hardware experience to the application and helps remove the errors possible on an emulator in order to minimize the error after the implementation is done and the application is out for trial. These tools help a developer overcome the possible failures by providing testing by users, proofs of concept, a test of concept etc.

The application prototype may be prepared for different industries and might require a different kind of tools.

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