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Top 5 technology trends expected to dominate in 2018

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Some technology trends live the life of a soap bubble, tend to fizzle out, live unheard for the most part, and go down into the dumps – unnoticed; while others are significant enough to create a hurricane in the global tech ecosystem, bring about a revolutionary transformation, and change our digital lives – forever.

At the fall of this year, we bring to you a sneak peek at the top 5 technology trends that are destined to transform the world in 2018.

#1: Exponential increase in datafication

From buying a hamburger at a street-side café to chatting with peers through fb messenger, while streaming YouTube media or normally surfing the web, we today consume a lot of data, and leave a seamless trail of data breadcrumbs.

And this constant activity has increased datafication to its craziest outskirts, resulting in what we can term as data explosion.

In just less than a minute, Twitter receives over 450,000 tweets, while the big blue social network gets over 900,000 logins.