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5 common mistakes businesses make in web development projects

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Development environments are today "smart" enough to track and fix numerous errors that used to give developers a nightmare back in time.


There are even several development platforms that can easily transform static HTML web pages into sublime, intuitive and highly interactive applications.

All these development platforms, patterns and practices share common grounds, and are all vulnerable to almost similar type of development issues induced by the very nature of web applications.

Despite a burgeoning advancement in web development technologies, automated platforms and bug tracking environments, web developers still tend to make several common mistakes in web development. Make an Inquiry about this news

In this post, we've compiled a list of 5 common mistakes businesses make in web development projects.

Mistake #1: Incomplete input validation

Validating user input on client as well as server side is basically a must do! We are well familiar with the thumb rule "do not trust user input" but, nonetheless, mistakes resulting from validation keep happening all too often.