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Web Developers can imitate Native apps- Is vice-versa true?

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Technology has multiple dimensions and Information Technology is one such dimension of technology which has escalated the development of other parts of technology enabling a future never seen before.

It started off with websites and the web development saw a hike and everyone wanted to be a web developer and make websites for everyone. Then minicomputers came into picture which is referred as SmartPhones and mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news evolved like anything which further became exploded billion of applications and cheaper phones made each individual tech savvy.

  • Mobile Websites vs Apps
    Why there was a need to add the word mobile as an initiative to the website? The mention is necessary because the mobile website is often designed for small handheld devices and the interface of touchscreen which distinguishes the mobile websites from standard websites.
    1. Mobile website developers deal with HTML pages where they link it together and access those pages over the internet whereas in mobile applications the code is written keeping in mind the device specifications. For example, swift is used for iOS app development and Java is used for Android app development Make an Inquiry about this news
    2. Websites don't have a store where websites are kept and one can download it when required but the mobile applications are kept in online stores which are device specific and the device users can download it from their respective stores. For example app store for iOS devices and Google store for Android devices.
    3. Mobile Application access all the mobile-specific features to bring out an interactive and dynamic behavior of the Native applications but the mobile websites access to mobile-specific features is limited.
    4. Connectivity is must for mobile websites to work all the time but it is not the same for the mobile applications because they can extract content online while the internet is connected and can continue to show in the absence of internet also.

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  • Invasion of Hybrid applications

The market seems to have overpowered by native applications but the web application A.K.A Hybrid applications got the web developers back in the game and they can mimic the native applications using different platforms without having to learn the whole new language.
1. The web applications are built using web languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript


Hybrid applications are put into a native case to access the mobile-specific features

3. The most sorted feature of the hybrid app is " build once, use anywhere".

  • An example of Web Application
    Web developers have done wonders with the platform provided to them for building an application which is much cheaper compared to native either it is an ios app development or android app development. Many application is doing great with a webview and people fail to distinguish the difference because it doesn't look any different from the native apps. Let us check out some big businesses running on webView applications
    1. Twitter
    Twitter, a social networking app development Make an Inquiry about this news product has the maximum traffic due to massive followers online. For those who don't know twitter has been working excellent with a hybrid development.
    2. Instagram
    Although Facebook has purchased still Instagram timeline works on the webview. The developers find it more convenient to work with offline data for the smooth functioning of the hybrid environment.
    3. Uber
    Uber is yet another example of hybrid applications which loads without any delay because it runs on

To sum up
After an extremely long discussion, the vice-versa doesn't seem to be true. The web developers have learned the art of frameworks and played with the web development skills of theirs' to give the exact same application like that of a native mobile app developer Make an Inquiry about this news. An open question that I would like to throw upon all the developers in the world is Do you think web app developers don't fit in your field of work? Or Are you happy to work with web app developers and learn their skillsets? Well, Fluper Make an Inquiry about this news has a bunch of both native app developers as well as hybrid app developers and happy to serve its audience either way.

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