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Top 5 easy to avoid mistakes e-commerce stores make

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Seeing the changes in buying behaviors in market and increased spending on online ecommerce marketplaces and sites, you must be fascinated by the idea of coming up with an ecommerce website.

Well, you’re not wrong either, as over thousands of ecommerce stores are launched every year and go on to harvest brightest profits and business benefits. So, having an ecommerce store, no doubt, makes sense.

But then, that’s just half the info you need to establish a successful ecommerce website. How would you respond if we were to tell you that:

  • More than 80% of e-commerce websites fail within the initial 18 months. With a failure rate of 80-90 percent, an ecommerce website is a two-way trail – it can help your business rise and shine, or succumb to injuries and loses.
  • And what if you’re a planning a small ecommerce store and get to know the fact that while 30% small ecommerce stores break in the first 12 months, an equal 30% continually lose money, till they call it a day and hang the hat!

Those numbers are alarming while lucrative, inviting are the revenues generated by successful ecommerce websites.