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Electric vehicle apps are the new trends of 2018

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In the coming few years the pollution ticket won't be necessary with the electric Vehicles hitting the roads. The vision was brought to the table long back but it is being executed nowadays as the only pure zero-emission electric vehicles launched by companies like Milltex Spero, Lightspeed, Hulikkal and Volta Motors.


The need of Electric vehicles is most in the countries with the huge economic market such as India and China.Since everything in your day calls for a mobile app so will the requirement to accessorize these electric vehicles. Mobile app development companies will have to come up with innovative apps to have function these Electric vehicles smoothly.

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The mobile app developers are already on it and we have few EV related apps in the store.Let us check out must have apps for locating your electric vehicle charging station.

Plug Share: Plug share gives you the liberty to find a charging station for your vehicle everywhere and even internationally.

This app enables you to share contacts of the residential stations and even non-residential stations are registered on this application. This app can be excellent for travelers.

Open charge Map: As the name says its a locator app for charging station with all the details and directions required to reach the station. It lets you navigate the nearest station on your drive.

Green Charge: This app communicates with your vehicle to give you a notification if the battery of your car is about to die. It keeps track of the entire data of your vehicle.

Nissan ConnectEV: Previously known as Carwings, this application lets to control your vehicle through your Smartphone such as your EV’s current level of the battery, charging started, disconnected or finished can be monitored too and the estimate of the vehicles driving range.

ChargePoint: Its a combination of navigator app and finder app. The application has over 40k charging stations all over the world and the only possible way to find one is to install this application which lets you find the charging station and even navigate you till the final destination.

The emergence of electric vehicles which includes all two wheelers and four wheelers definitely opens a gate for possibilities and what innovative web, ios or android app developers can come up with to educate people about electric vehicles, to let people find the nearest charging spot for their vehicles etc. The rest will unfold with time and there is an app for everything so this new change in our lives calls for some cool apps.

Electric Vehicles will provide relief in health problems caused due to pollution. Replacing all the existing vehicle with EVS can give nature back the clean air and a healthy environment.

E-cars are already making its debut in India with Ioniq EV by Hyundai and Electric Cabs by Mahindra. Nagpur in Maharashtra India in 2017 became the first city with electric mass mobility system.

An Indian based taxi booking app Ola has collaborated with Maharashtra government to come up with ola electric cabs and replacing the black sky with the blue one.

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