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Kunsh technologies offers hybrid mobile app development services to accomplish high demands of today’s business

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Kunsh Technologies the leading Mobile App Development company announces hybrid mobile app development services to accomplish increased demands of today’s business with improved customer experience.

More businesses are realizing the importance of mobile applications, but are discovering deploying and managing apps in their business is not as easy as they had thought. To gauge the state of apps in the enterprise, Kunsh Technologies the leading Mobile App Development Company stands first.

Kunsh Technologies provides one integrated hybrid mobile application development solution that provides the benefits of a packaged app, without sacrificing ongoing agility, flexibility, or innovation. Kunsh Technologies is focused on providing the best of both worlds: faster time-to-market with less resources via pre-built omnichannel mobile apps; and greater agility, flexibility, and security via next generation cross platform mobile apps development.

According to the global survey, more than thousands line-of-business executives revealed the majority of respondents are still unsatisfied with the current mobile applications they have. “Enterprises now recognize the importance of mobile app for their business,” said Darshan Shah, CEO & Co-Founder at Kunsh Technologies – Offshore Software Development Company Make an Inquiry about this news.

Unfortunately, as this survey reveals, major problems that comes around mobile application are user experience, cost, and management are stifling innovation. The challenges as mentioned follow is become irrelevant in this digital era if organizations fails to innovate it quickly.

Major Drawbacks in current Mobile App Development

The high cost of developing an app: Mobile apps take more time and money to develop than a website. For starters, you need to have at least two versions developed—one for iOS and one for Android.

Then you also have to take into account that you may need to hire a separate team to have the app developed since web development is different from app development.

The complex app development process: The kind of OS—whether iOS or Android—isn’t the only thing that developers have to consider when having an app made. Developers also have to account for different screen sizes across devices for both platforms.

And it gets more complicated for Android app development since there are many versions of Android currently out on the market.

Complex maintenance: It’s not done even when the app has been launched in the app store. Mobile apps require a long-term investment due to the need for updates, especially critical ones such as repairing security vulnerabilities or to ensure compliance with new iOS or Android releases.

Challenges in tracking and fetching data: The same security that an app may provide regarding a consumer’s data can be a challenge for businesses as well. For starters, fetching data from the app to track metrics and get data is a different matter.

For example, getting Google Analytics to work on an app is different from the website. Developers should integrate the Google Analytics SDK for Android and iOS for this platform to be able to fetch data.

Customer impatience: Mobile apps may offer an engaging user experience for customers, but in turn customers end up expecting more from any app out in the market.

“We are pleased to be able to overcome these major issues and provide more capabilities to the mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news services based on what today’s end users are actually demanding” said Mustafa Vhora Team Lead at Kunsh Technologies. He also Added “Kunsh Technologies provides a set of extensibility points to plug in tools and advance services that help developers build high-quality applications more quickly”.

Kunsh Technologies is excited that they expanded their mobile application development solution to one level up offering to help with the hybrid mobile application development services to community for advance their agile transformation.

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About Kunsh Technologies

Kunsh Technologies is Offshore Software Development Company based in India. We support customers with a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions and are proud of the vast experience, skills, and certifications our software developers.

Kunsh Technologies rich experienced developers have a variety of skill set over different platforms which helps them to build professional software development based on client requirements. In addition of this Kunsh Technologies provides facility to communicate via email, phone and online chat very easily in different time zone for instant query solution.

All this can be carry out at very affordable price.


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