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Here’s how technology is transforming event industry

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Technology advancement has changed the game for nearly every industry. Today we’d throw light on events industry.

How technology has astonished everyone globally is evident. The business dealings, planning and execution, everything has changed.

One industry that is flourishing combining modern technology techniques by leaps and bounds is events industry. According to a report, the event industry is worth £40 billion in the UK and no wonder, we’ll continue to see the positive effect of technology in refining the deployed procedures.

The advanced paradigm and evolution of social media have enabled more immersive experiences.

With the event industry currently booming, organizers are getting smarter by integrating toolsets to marketing. Here we unfold what the future has in store for the event management companies and professionals who deal with hassles of the domain day-in and day-out.


Gone are the days when buying tickets for an event was a task. Booking tickets to an event are as easy as ordering a pizza- right from your smartphone.

The event industry is transforming on a global scale like many other industries, and ticketing is one aspect of how users are treated with a modern change. The mobile apps usage has increased with time.

With the consumers feeling comfortable with this transformation, it has now become a mandate for businesses to have a fully-integrated mobile experience.

Wearable technology

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are leading the wearable market. It is anticipated that wearable technology will grow beyond USD $4 billion by the end of this year globally.

With such a growth anticipation, it is likely that users would like to use it everywhere they go including events, concerts, conferences and more. A recent study shows that ‘Eventbrite’ is a popular iWatch and Android smartwatch app.

And we expect the user base of such apps will grow in the coming years.

AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) can offer amazing perspective to attendees of an event even if they can’t turn up on the event due to personal commitments. We expect more physical devices powered by VR to come up where the major role will be played by mobile developers in revolutionizing the stage of awesomeness.

Social media

Although, not a new medium, social media can serve the purpose of ‘a planner’ brilliantly. Businesses are using social media networks for comprehensive event planning while gaining insights from the real world.

Plus, social media has always been a marketing medium for digital evangelists for promoting events, which will continue to be the hot favorite.

Event personalization

Event personalization is a great way to collect information about the attendees which can be later analyzed to gain insights of what attracts them more, which type of events excite them and more. This further can be used to create more powerful and more personalized marketing campaigns for the ultimate experience.

Doing so can increase engagement, interest and loyalty among users towards the brand. Personalized campaigns will enable you to target appropriate and interested crowd that’ll help you save on your budget big time.

Plus, it will help you attract more people to the venue and generate more revenues.

Web developers in India and globally are creating tools that can analyze better, automate the user information collection and re-target them in the best possible way. The attendees expect the communication and the event experience to be personalized at a certain level.

If you could manage to achieve this feat, then it would not only make them loyal towards your brand but will help you in raising the retention levels. You will be able to target the right people for an event and gain the maximum reward without spending too much on advertising.

Technology makes it look simple; however, it is not. Mobile and web development companies continuously put efforts in the backdrop so that businesses can excel in this mean and modern world where the entire focus is on consumers, and apps are being built keeping every tiny detail in mind.


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