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How these 3 mobile app development trends will change the game in 2018

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Will you agree that 2018 is the year of IoT, AI and AR? And when the combination of AI and AR is transforming almost every industry: do you think it has something in store for the mobile application development space? It sure does

As demand for smarter, robust and more intuitive mobile applications continue to upsurge at the velocity of knots, app developers will look to fancy the mingle of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more vigorous security models to bridge that gap in 2018.

With the recent surge in public cloud computing trends, smartphones have become the focal point of app development.

And with SMBs as well as large enterprises looking to sustain and nurture mobile development resources for years to come, the manner in which they do so are likely to evolve drastically in 2018.

Mobile application development has always, traditionally, focused on getting the max out of the limited-size screen of a mobile device to revamp and accentuate the way users request and access information on the roads vs.