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The truth about 5 ways successful app entrepreneurs plan their app strategy

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We’re today completely into the ‘app age’. The app economy is flourishing with an expected annual revenue of more than $25bn and 1mn apps on various app stores.

However, seeing the rapid surge in the number of apps in the market, the biggest question is, how many of these apps are able to entice the users and ultimately make money?

Stats have to that 1 in every 4 mobile apps is discarded and never used after download. It clearly suggests that the download rate and count doesn’t reveal the success of an app.

The fact is that there are just a few apps that every user runs on a daily basis.

Therefore, there’s a sense of urgency for custom software development companies Make an Inquiry about this news to plan ahead, be proactive, and devise a strategy that can accentuate the success of their apps.

Here’re the top 5 key ingredients that can help you make a successful app strategy:

  1. Solve a problem.

Every successful app solves a problem being faced by numerous people.

We understand the important of vitamins for the human body. Taking them regularly keeps our body fit and well-oiled.

However, if you miss a dose of a vitamin, there’s no harm done to your body.

On the other, if you have the worst headache, an Aspirin is something that gets all the more important and necessary for you, else you aren’t going to feel better anytime soon.

Your app needs to be the potential painkiller for your target audience. A problem can be solved in two different manners.

You can either focus on solving the intrinsic problems (consider the Flashlight app) or you can provide certain useful enhancements (such as a weather app with sleek, intuitive and user-friendly interface).

Each of these ways provide positive returns as long as it is in line with customer satisfaction.

2. Make it intuitive

Is your mobile app intuitive? Does it simplify and add comfort to your users’ lives? Can people learn how to use your app and its various features in a matter of minutes without much guidance?

You must look to provide a sublime experience to your app users. Take for example, Clear app, which started out battling various established and powerful apps in the competitive market of to-do list mobile apps.

Bringing about a great concept and awesome usability is what made Clear app a phenomenal blockbuster on the app store.

A pleasant user experience also means that your app must be free of bugs and frequent crashes, or hangs. According to a recent research, only 16% of users will give another try to an app that failed more than twice.

3. Agile development

Develop is, no doubt, the most essential part of an app. Make sure you hire good developers or any leading mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news to develop your app.

Make sure the agency has the right expertise and relevant experience in developing similar apps.

Getting your queries resolved in the first place can prevent last minute surprises. View the developer’s portfolio and their LinkedIn profile to get an idea about where he or she stands.  

4. Start marketing beforehand

Don't make the mistake of starting your marketing plan once your app is developed. Successful apps are promoted way before they even hit the app store.

Start the marketing of your app in advance. Don’t wait till you have the beta or the first stable build to launch your marketing campaigns, as that would be a gross mistake.

Successful apps are those that are marketed through appropriate channels way ahead of their launch on app store.

Create an effective marketing campaign with social media and inbound content marketing through blogs and guest posts. Get your website ready on time and use it to increase your reach and visibility on the web.

Make the most of YouTube or Vimeo to roll out the teasers for your app to keep users interested and in quest of your app’s final launch.

Divide your plan into three phases: pre-launch campaign, launch campaign and after-launch campaign. Get the images designed for your listing on the app store.

Work out good, catch content for your app, including the right keywords, banner lines and description that can allure users.

5. Strategize your distribution effectively

With the many distribution channels available for apps today, you have to choose a combination of those that work best for your target audience.

Given that there are numerous distribution channels available for mobile apps these days, it is highly important for you to get the right combination that is destined to work well with your target audience.

Being listed in Apple's Top 25 or 100 apps lists or What's Hot, New & Noteworthy, for instance, is a great strategy that’ll get your mobile app noticed.

Another easy way to get Apple notice you is to create a press coverage at the launch of the mobile app. It’s Apple’s custom to focus on their positive coverage in the media, which can help you get an entry to the New & Noteworthy list.

How you make your app available in terms of pricing is also a big driver. Offering a free basic app to hook a user and then selling premium content is a popular way to increase traction.

Some other ways: choosing the right PR tools, launching app giveaways and running contests.

Make sure that your app is noticed and favored by customers. Most failures happen when one of these key ingredients is ignored.

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