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The truth about 5 ways successful app entrepreneurs plan their app strategy

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We’re today completely into the ‘app age’. The app economy is flourishing with an expected annual revenue of more than $25bn and 1mn apps on various app stores.

However, seeing the rapid surge in the number of apps in the market, the biggest question is, how many of these apps are able to entice the users and ultimately make money?

Stats have to that 1 in every 4 mobile apps is discarded and never used after download. It clearly suggests that the download rate and count doesn’t reveal the success of an app.

The fact is that there are just a few apps that every user runs on a daily basis.

Therefore, there’s a sense of urgency for custom software development companies Make an Inquiry about this news to plan ahead, be proactive, and devise a strategy that can accentuate the success of their apps.