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5 feature your restaurant mobile app must have in 2018

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The days are gone when restaurants used to have mobile apps just to help people swipe through the menu items and see available discounts and promotional deals. Today, the application of mobile technology in the restaurant industry has changed altogether, and mobile apps are the driving force for this rapid transformation.

Now more and more users prefer mobile apps to accentuate their fine dining experience. Even leading restaurants have identified the need to have Android and iOS mobile apps for their business to make the most of mobile technology to simplify ordering and payment processes and to deliver rich user experience, thence promoting their business.

You will agree when I say mobile applications today act as a direct marketing channel to help restaurateurs scale up their business and retain customers amidst fierce competition.

But then, having a mobile app is one thing, and having a successful app is a different thing altogether.

If building a restaurant or food app is in your pipeline for 2018, you must ensure you plan things out well with an effective mobile app strategy to string up the best features that can help your app stand apart from the crowd of similar apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Here’s a list of top 5 must-have features for a successful food and restaurant app in 2018:

1. Push notifications

Push notifications are no longer a novelty. Mobile apps across all niche are using this effective strategy for generating more sales and upselling of products and services.

Push notifications are the finest means to entice your customers in scenario where they have multiple restaurant and food apps installed on their devices. Push notifications can be delivered on the users’ mobile screens to notify them about exclusive discounts, offers and latest attractions/today’s special stuff.

These messages not just generate sales but also keep the users engaged with your app, which helps them stay abreast of everything hot and happening at your food joint. By keeping them engaged, it means the users will remember your app and are more likely to use it when ordering food.

Tip: With most apps using push notification feature, it’s vital that you make a solid strategy and push immersive content to ensure users are attracted to your app and business.

2. Cross-platform app development

One of the main agenda behind using an app is to reach out to more and more potential users, given that most users today prefer mobile phones over desktop for ordering food.

As the iPhone user-base has increased rapidly over the last couple of years, not having an iOS version of your restaurant app clearly means missing out on a healthy chunk of prospects. With the sharp rise in mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news technologies, you now no longer need to get your app’s code written separately for different devices and mobile operating systems.

Several hybrid mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news platforms and mobile cloud computing now ensures cross-platform app development for iOS and Android operating systems, and for multiple devices having different specific attributes such as the screen size, with data being pushed to the app from the cloud to fit in the screen size of the end device.

And therefore, it makes sense to cover both the leading mobile platforms to facilitate maximum reach and user engagement.

3. Embed multimedia content

Embedding multimedia content such as videos, images, and other media content regarding your business can help generate more user engagement.

It is important that you add high-quality images of your servings and food items to generate an impact. You can even consider adding interesting videos to your restaurant app to make it more effective and conversion-focussed.

Multimedia content is a fine way to offer your customers the value they are in quest of and, in addition, it will add a direct marketing channel to your business if the videos you post are interesting and useful enough to drive your users into sharing them with their friends.

4. Customer referral feature

One of the better ways to entice new audience is the referral program. With the customer referral program, customers can invite their relatives, friends and others to install your restaurant app.

You can provide referral bonus points when a friend they invite installs your app. You can provide discount and other promotional deals to inspire them for providing more engagement through referrals.

The referral program is a great way to promote your restaurant app and make it reach on more devices.

Also provide bonus points to those who install your app, and ensure you make your referral program reach a wider audience through efficient marketing strategies.

5. e-Wallet

Your food mobile app should have a secure online payment feature. Latest mobile payment features such as e-wallets provides the customers with the comfort to have a fine dine without a physical wallet.

Most mobile phone users today prefer, and are accustomed to using, mobile payments over credit card or cash. And therefore, you must surely not miss out on this vital feature in your upcoming food app.

So this sums up our list of top 5 features that are must for every restaurant app to succeed in 2018. Make sure you consider these in your next food app and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

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