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Fascinating must have features for a travel app in 2018, that can help your business grow

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The need to have a mobile app for your travel business was never more urgent. The number of travel apps for iOS and Android platforms are increasing each day. Today, tablet and smartphone users spend massive amount of time to research and plan out their next holiday destination or the location for their next business travel on their mobile devices.

In fact, there’s a massive surge in the number of mobile bookings being received by travel firms, with a colossal increase of over 1700 percent during the last 5-6 years.

As a consequence, the revenue generation through mobile devices took a leap from 1% to 18% during the same period. And there’s more to come: it is projected that over 40% of users research about their upcoming trips on their handheld devices.

And so: you will agree that mobile devices are the future of travel industry and, therefore, there’s hardly a tint of doubt that travel agencies just can’t survive the next 5 years without a mobile app.