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Lazy mans guide — 5 tests you must perform before submitting mobile app to an app store

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An app crash, hang, freeze or any other bug can cost you a customer and associated earning. Before submitting your mobile app to an app store, it is vital that you get your app’s update and installation process tested by some skilled test engineers or QA professionals.

Most leading mobile app development platforms provide custom tools to help developers test their app’s update process, for simulating the update process from an older version of the app to the latest one.

In this test case, a previously logged-in user shouldn’t be logged out once the app has been updated, or else the database changes of the user will not have any impact over the data existing on the user’s smartphone.

Mobile app testers generally look for crashes and other common hiccups during the installation and uninstallation tests of an app. Once the app is uninstalled, the device’s storage is checked to ensure complete removal of the app.