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Lazy mans guide — 5 tests you must perform before submitting mobile app to an app store

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An app crash, hang, freeze or any other bug can cost you a customer and associated earning. Before submitting your mobile app to an app store, it is vital that you get your app’s update and installation process tested by some skilled test engineers or QA professionals.

Most leading mobile app development platforms provide custom tools to help developers test their app’s update process, for simulating the update process from an older version of the app to the latest one.

In this test case, a previously logged-in user shouldn’t be logged out once the app has been updated, or else the database changes of the user will not have any impact over the data existing on the user’s smartphone.

Mobile app testers generally look for crashes and other common hiccups during the installation and uninstallation tests of an app. Once the app is uninstalled, the device’s storage is checked to ensure complete removal of the app.

Here’re some of the most fundamental app tests you need to consider:

  1. Usability testing

Smartphone users have deep priority on the usability part of the apps they install. While testing, ensure all user interface (UI) elements are user-friendly, easy to understand and use.

The app must deliver short, clear and easy-to-understand error messages and text. In event of an error, the application should guide the user in resolving the issue.

Test engineers must be experienced in handling different usability testing platforms, their operational guidelines and result analytics to verify that the app under testing meets all standards and guidelines.

The best way to gauze the usability of a mobile app is to directly get feedback from customers about it. You can invite your app’s users to your testing lab and ask them about your app’s features, user-friendliness, etc.

In addition, you can offer them the upcoming variant of your app having new features to check how they respond to them, how convenient it is for them to use those new features. Ensure that all the new features you add to your app are easy to understand.

  1. Performance testing

The core motive behind performance testing is to make sure that the app runs in an acceptable manner under certain preset performance criteria such as removal of an important infrastructure element such as a database server or load testing, i.e. app performance when a large number of users are active on it simultaneously.

Testing an app’s performance is also done based on battery consumption, sharing documents, and by altering the connectivity from 3G to 4G to Wi-Fi, and so on.

  1. Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing of an app is done to make sure that the app works acceptably on different devices having different hardware, versions, screen size, resolution, operating system, etc.

  1. Security testing

Security testing of a mobile app should be high on priority, as the stats given below are humongous and threatening.

  • 100% of the most popular apps on Google Play and App Store have been compromised
  • 90% of the apps tested as part of their procedural testing had at least 2 critical vulnerabilities
  • 50% of all mobile app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news have zero budget set aside for security testing

Testers should check if the mobile app is able to endure any brute force security attack, which is the most common, automated technique of trial and error executed to crack a user’s login details or credit card information.

In addition, you must check if the app is allowing an intruder to access the sensitive data and/or app functionality without any sort of proper authentication.

  1. Standby, interrupt & battery issues testing

Another essential app testing is the standby testing, wherein a test engineer checks if the application can effectively handle the standby mode. You must look for data handling and UI glitches, and whether the application can maintain its state while entering or leaving the standby mode.

The interrupt test, too, is extremely imperative. In general, a smartphone has multiple applications installed on it, and almost each app is able to generate some type of notification on the device.

Such notifications can create an impact on your application; for example, while the app is sending a file or processing a picture.

When testing the application for interrupt or standby scenarios, test engineers should keep a close eye on the battery consumption by the app.

Every testing procedure must be initiated with a completely-charged battery, and you must note the battery level after regular intervals (say every 10 minutes) to get a clear indication of the battery drain.

What to check:

  • Check that the application behaves as expected when there’s an incoming SMS or Call
  • Check that the application behaves as expected when the smartphone resumes from the lock screen
  • Check that the application behaves as expected when a push notification arrives from another application (e.g. Twitter mentions, WhatsApp messages, Wordfeud invitations, etc)
  • Check that the application behaves as expected when the “Battery low” message pops up on the screen

These were the top 5 tests every app developer must perform before submitting the app on leading app stores. If you are getting an app developed from a mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news, make sure they QA and test your app vigorously before delivering it to you.

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