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5 handy mobile lending apps you should be using in 2018

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In this high tech world, people have engaged themselves throughout the day by adopting the latest technology. Mobile apps are become efficient daily use tools and are successfully developing in every sector. Mobile apps have entered almost the sectors, entering in the banking sector and allowing customers to borrow money.

This is not an exception, this trend has been long introduced and people are taking advantage of it. Mobile loan apps have completely transformed the small business owner’s behavior.

It seems like these apps are providing comfort and reliability to the customers and the customers can bank online and request for money.

Let’s say if you’re in need of money and you can’t borrow from a friend or relative.

Don’t worry the apps have got your back. You can use an app to get money within a matter of minutes.

In case you need urgent money and lending money from someone doesn’t work out then, all you need to do is download the app and get yourself registered to participate. For those who might be interested in knowing some great lending apps in 2018 should consider these:


SBA stands for Small business Administration. The app has been released to help small business owners with range of topics.

The app consists of a starting cost calculator that can help business people know how much money they will be needing to startup their business and maintain their running business. It give you a clear idea of the cost the person will need from the lender.

Moreover, the app has a finder feature that lets the user locate SBA and SCORE and it also offers latest features from SBA Twitter and feeds. It’s guaranteed that any start-up or currently existing business can get benefit from the use of this app.

The users can easily manage their finances, maintain their assets, bills, and expenses etc.

SmartChoice Loan Calculator

SmartChoice Loan Calculator is an app that effectively helps small businesses to expand their commercial properties. The app is readily available to answer the frequently asked questions within few seconds.

The app will provide user information related to down payment, monthly payments, and interest rates. The user can save time by comparing their loan options and give access to small financing resources.


Finan% lets you calculate the ten most common operations, deposits, and it can work with every bank you use. The Finan% app is a premium app that will cost you $3.99, as it can help you find the interest rate for an operation it can be yearly or an effective period but it should be less than a year.

Moreover, the apps let the user to deposit into an account under a simple or compound interest rate. You can also borrow a loan with a constant quota.

Financial and technological business can gain great benefit from the use of this app.


Kabbage is an app that provides the world’s fastest and easiest way to lend money for your business operations. The entrepreneurs can start-up their new business and expand their currently existing business with the help of the loan.

The app can deliver $100,000 to you within 7 minutes on your mobile phone. Once you have registered yourself and qualify to use the application, you can take a view of the entire transaction history.

Kabbage app has transformed the way small businesses look at financing business. This app provides the best service to the industry business such as spas, restaurants, auto shops etc.

it provides the users the detail of working capital and the ability and allowing them to get a loan while they’re doing their job.

Main opportunities to look in an online company

Before taking a loan one should consider few things:


Before selecting any online lender it’s significant to ensure that the company has a good online reputation. Online companies provide information about their business which needs to be confirmed before opting for it.

They work hard to create a reputation and name in the eyes of the customer and if they’re any issue they do the correction.

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