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iOS App Development Trends for 2018

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iOS App Development Trends for 2018

Here's top iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018. iOS Developers should update oneself with these trends to deliver best services.

Change is the order of the day. Every other day a new trend makes its way thus making an old concept obsolete. The same scenario goes with the iOS app Development too. The changes in iOS App Development Make an Inquiry about this news have a huge impact on the business of any company. Even though a number of Android apps Make an Inquiry about this news available in the market surpass iOS apps in big numbers but then we talk about superior business returns people opt iOS apps more than Android Apps.

The prime reason why iOS apps are more popular is that they offer excellent technology along with superior security features.  Therefore, the numbers of iOS mobile apps are bound to increase in the coming days. So, here find out the below  iOS App trends that will evolve in the year 2018:

     1. Apple has come up with Swift 4

An iOS developer Make an Inquiry about this news knows what Swift is. This programming language which was developed by Apple presents a foundation for iOS and Linux operating systems. Apart from this, it can even be pre-compiled for tvOS and macOS respectively. Precisely, Swift 4 is an advanced version of Swift 3.


This powerful programming language is very easy to learn. It is recognized for its scalability as well as powerful security. It offers convenient development of applications without consuming too much of memory space of your device. So, basically, Swift 4 ensures that your apps are more secure and are developed at a faster pace.

     2. Advancement in Siri and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another prominent trend of 2018 is a rise of Artificial Intelligence and Siri. Siri is a personal assistant launched by Apple. Siri is a prominent example of the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and contextual learning in our everyday life. The trend of incorporating AI in iOS app development is here to stay.

     3. Core Machine Learning

Another iOS app development trend of 2018 is Core ML and is also referred to as Core Machine Learning. This machine learning framework was launched by Apple. It is efficacious in executing the tasks linked to Siri, Camera or QuickType. Now, app developers just have to add in few codes in order to bolster the security of an app and also to make it feature rich.

The Core Machine Learning presents a level of communication which is applicable to all the iOS devices due to its strong library. What’s more, it will also offer help as far as face detection is concerned. It enables to understand language and thus the developers will be able to build hugely interactive apps with the aid of AI-based algorithms Make an Inquiry about this news.

So basically, Core Machine Learning is a game-changing proposition particularly in reference to gaming apps.

     4. Augmented Reality and ArKit

Augmented Reality is extremely important for mobile app programmer as it helps them in developing an extremely advanced version of mobile apps. With the unveiling of iOS 11 and 11.3, the short shrift is on ARKit.

ARKit helps in the development of 3D as well as virtual reality-based mobile apps. Such apps have become quite popular lately. ARKit also receives a huge amount of support from Sumerian application platform of Amazon. Ever since Amazon has collaborated with Apple’s ARKit, other business houses are showing their keenness towards the same. So, 2018 seems to be the year of VR and AR apps.

     5. More user- friendly Apple Pay

Akin to Google Wallet launched by Google, Apple has come up with Apple Pay which is basically an online digital mobile wallet Make an Inquiry about this news and can be used by iOS users in order to make their payments. It bolsters all iOS devices such as iOS watches, iPad, iPhone and Mac laptops. Those wary about security concerns should feel at peach with Apple Pay as it is highly safe platform to make your purchases.

As per statistics, there has been a hike of 500% with reference to transactions which are made by using Apple Pay. A whopping two million small businesses have begun to accept Apple Pay invoices. From booking tickets till making hotel reservations and a lot of things can be done via Apple Pay. You can receive or send money via messages. All such features make Apple Pay truly unique. In 2018 most of the app developers are integrating Apple Pay in the app for making it convenient and easier for users to make or receive payments. So, this trend for sure will continue to evolve in the coming times.

     6. Focus on building Hybrid Apps

There has been a sharp decline in popularity of cross-platform apps. These have been replaced by advanced tools such as ReactNative, NativeScript etc. This will offer help in solving issues linked to performance as well as user experience.

It will also enable development of hybrid apps with superior interfaces and UX. The iOS developers can focus on building hybrid apps with these time savior technologies frameworks.

     7. Advent of Files-Cloud Based app

With the release of iOS 11, a new app known as Files, for purpose of efficient file management has come up. This cloud-based mobile app Make an Inquiry about this news allows a user to store all information in a single file which they can access by using any of iOS devices. This app offers a lot of conveniences to not just common users but also to huge business organizations.

All you have to do is build a single dashboard for storing all your vital documents such as videos, images etc. This saves you from the hassle of searching different files from different locations. So, sharing information and being connected is being made easy by the Apple, beyond its user imagination.


So, these are some of the trends of 2018 with reference to iOS app development which will truly impact the process of app building. It is very important to align yourself with the latest development lest you will stay behind in a race to generate more profits. For any development related queries, contact leading App Development company for Free Consultation Make an Inquiry about this news.

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