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Big data for mobile apps: everything you need to know

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The tryst with mobile devices has already bordered craziness, reaching such a high-pitched state that mobile devices are now an inseparable part of our lives.

With almost all activities nowadays being influenced by mobile devices, the need for businesses to take mobile platforms seriously was never more urgent. And therefore, almost all enterprises are today having a well-detailed and visionary mobile strategy.

When global enterprises are understanding the critical role mobile strategies have in their operations and growth, the importance of Big Data is cementing its spot of significance. If big data refers to the rapidly-expanding volume of diversified digital data with endless possibilities for analytics, the mobile interactions and engagements are adding value to this diversified variety and overwhelming volume of data.

In addition, bid gata and its potential for analytics can deliver more powerful and succinct insights that mobile app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news and marketing teams can efficiently use for making their mobile applications more successful.

Consequently, the relation between big data and mobile apps is actually mutual as the two complement each other perfectly.

Understanding the statistics

The complementing and intertwined relationships of big data and mobile apps can be assessed considerably with some recent trends and stats. These stats and trends reflect how the mobile app ecosystem is getting galvanized by several emerging analytical potentials of big data while mobile engagements continue to expand the data exchange volumes.

In the US, the ever-increasing app ecosystem has crossed a massive $143bn. As a surprise, around 83 percent of mobile app development companies Make an Inquiry about this news in the United States come from smaller cities and not from the big corridors of the Silicon Valley.

Given that mobile apps are still vital for IoT devices, this growth isn’t going to end anytime soon.

The real-time processing of mobile data, which includes user behavior as well as interactions, will further assist mobile applications in effectively addressing users wishes. Real-time analytical data will further add value to mobile app ecosystem across a wide range of niches, including dating, health, games, finance, shopping, and enterprise.

Another major trend is the increasing popularity of sensors for fine-tuning and augmenting our mobile usage. There’s a wide range of sensors that are providing mobile devices an immense capability to understand the users in detail.

These sensors will keep on generating rich real-time user data that can be easily accessed by cloud-service-based analytics and transferred to mobile apps as real-time detailed insights.

An entirely new range of mobile devices dictating terms and influencing trends is also attracting quite a few challenges as the number of pain points that can be exploited by hackers will increase exponentially with the increase in the number of connected devices. With active data push and real-time data exchange from handheld devices, security tools powered by Artificial Intelligence can come handy in thwarting the possibilities of cyber threats.

Security of data and sensitive information being exchanged between devices can be strengthened with real-time data push.

The role and importance of big data analytics becomes more prominent when we talk about mobile marketing. Several enterprises across different niches and industries are already reaping the striking benefits of big data to understand customers better, and scale up their business operations more effectively.

As more and more businesses continue to realize the worth of big data analytics to grow their business, the adoption of big data will by on the rise across the mobile industry.

Sourcing user data through mobile apps

With few hundred interactions, comments and likes, we can easily get a clear indication of a customer’s character. User interactions and engagements on various social media platforms provide a rich insight about a user’s choices, social status, dislikes, preferences, buying behaviour, etc.

Users nowadays are online round-the-clock and mostly interacting and engaged on the web and, therefore, more user data is readily available for analytics and insights.

The potential of big data in collecting this diverse and extensive data and generating more relevant, actionable, valuable and insightful analytics from them is not anymore a challenging or complex task.

The more the apps know about their users, their tastes, dislikes, demographics, constraints, behavior, preferences, etc., the more aligned they can be made with specific needs of the users, thence catering to their requirements in the most optimal manner.

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