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The world keeps craving for more first came the computers then the software advancement required advanced computers and the diversity and innovation led to Smartphones.

Now the apps are the ruling power in the world for your activities. The advancement has always been a part of technology and the mobile app development is another example of the advancement in the mobile industry.Cloud computing has been introduced for a long time now and the providers are taking their time to incorporate it into the existing frame of technology use.

While doing so the app development is considered as the sector that needs an uplift and requires cloud-based app development.

Understanding Cloud backend

BaaS(Backend as a Service) is for web and mobile app development that means you don't have to go through a server building of your own just buy the already coded server in the cloud.

It provides various features to link the application to the cloud server through a software development kit and lets the ios and android app developers taking full advantage of the services without varying about the server failure or permission constraints.

Need for BaaS

Time for Server development for the app
The successful application needs a strong backend and the deployment takes years because the developers are unaware of the difficulties to be faced while developing a server end for a mobile app. Therefore BaaS has it all figured out and can determine the time required to build a server end of an app
Cost for Maintenance
Maintenance for physical server and cost for writing scripts by developers to keep it going is quite high if one is thinking of his own server backend then BaaS is a smart choice at low cost.
Outdated Methodologies
In the server development, the outdated methodology is also the reason for slow development and increased cost. The advanced technological methodology comes for a price and failing to do so increases the risk of market competition and compatibility.

Advantages of the mobile app developer

Reduced Expenses
Building a server from the scratch with all technological advancement needs the skilled professional to understand the technology and maintain it which involves huge amount for a businessman even if you know how to build it all the multiplatform cant be done by one person. Therefore, Cloud services have a solution for you to pay less and get more.

BaaS contains end to end infrastructure and takes care of all the coding required to support your application so that the app owner can focus on the competition.
Regular Updates
Every Android and iOS app development is running the show with updates they bring to their software every now and then. BaaS tools are designed to provide developers the updates required for their application due to the change of operating system and developers can just plugin and refresh their apps.
Expansion to all platforms
Cloud backend has the capability to resolve the compatibility of your app in some another platform so just expand your business without worrying about the audience to be addressed keeping in mind the development of your application. Cloud services have a loophole for your developer's worry.
Security Concerns
Secure data of your user is the foremost thing to protect the applications to avoid cybercrimes and maintain a reputation. BaaS protects the data of the user using Access control lists and the user cant access the data kept at the server end and the developer is free to choose vendor portability.

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BaaS seems to have an effective way of creating the backend using the cloud computing capabilities by providing the best means to deal with basic features of a mobile app such as Push notifications, API, Database, Data management, Social media Integration and file storage. Now the real question is Will it hamper the business of top mobile app development companies or will become a tool for advancement in development for these companies.

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