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2018’s best 5 wearable applications at your app store

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Wearables look extremely trendy and stylish especially those worn on the wrists. In fact, a smartwatch is a wearable that revolutionized the wristwatches altogether giving it an entirely different meaning.

Android application developers as well as their core competitors, the iOS guys take the extreme pain in developing interesting apps to captivate the ardent followers into an experience completely different from that, which is offered, by the smartphone apps.

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Therefore, here is presenting a complete compilation of the 5 best wearable applications for the smart wears that can make you forget your smartwatch completely.

 Bring! Your grocery shopping on your wrist
A simple and easier to use application for your android wear allow you to list out the monthly groceries on the smart android watch. Create groups of friends, families, and others to create and share shopping lists for different events.

Easy to add new names to labeled icons and post your own photo even.
 Infinity Loop to entertain you
Who said apps are just to meet your necessities? There are good entertainments and gaming applications too such as Infinity Loop. Usually, smartwatch apps can be a nuisance owing to its tiny display.

But this game works perfectly here. A simple and relaxing puzzle game kills your spare time when waiting for a bus at the bus stop.
 Glide for video call
Making the video call right from the wristwatch is quite a futuristic concept. But this particular android wear application, Glide, makes it possible in the 21st century itself.

This application needs installation in the supportive mobile handset to be paired with the wearable. Once paired, receiving and making video calls or watch video messages as well as initiating audio calls even recording videos even become easy if the watch has a front-facing camera.
 Telegram but digitally
Yes, you can actually send a telegram across but digitally through voice or text messages. Also, browsing chat history, create group chats and many other functions are possible right here.

This application supports emojis, stickers, and themes too. Whatsapp can face a tough competition from this instant messaging application.

What do you say?
 Citymapper to locate your destination
Either walking through a new area or checking the status of the traffic on the road, else identifying the shortest route possible to reach your destination, Citymapper is the one for you. It feeds live information directly to your wrist courtesy this application.

Few other wearable apps deserve mentioning here:
 Tinder- that is a dating app
 Calculator to get your sum correct
 Water drink reminder to remind your daily intake of water
 Strava for fitness freaks
 Uber, a taxi app
 Google Slides to display presentation

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Wrapping up
The app content may not be that outstanding since the similar content is also available for mobile applications too. Yet the convenience and mobility factor of smart wears make them even more appealing to the users.

There is practically no need to pull out the mobile phone from your pocket or bag to receive a call, search for a location or get entertained. Beside this, other functionalities make them a better option for trendsetters.

Top-notch Android and iOS app developers like Fluper identified the changing trend when decided to design applications for the smartwatch and other wearables.

So, if you are looking for a similar service, instead of taking the pain of app building on your shoulder, try to hire the mobile app developer to the same job for you instead.

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