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Health and fitness apps are seizing the market of traditional fitness mechanisms

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Health and fitness are very important for any individual and there is no questioning in that. Over the years, people have only become more conscious and careful about their health. But given the hectic schedules, not everyone can take the time out to go to the gym and work out. Or more so, they can't commit themselves to going to the gym. Health and fitness apps work as a savior for such people. They work as your in-house gym trainer and help you remain fit.

Earlier, health and fitness apps didn't have such a positive response from the users, but since 2014, these apps have seen a massive growth of over 330% in just three years. The number of health and fitness apps have also increased over the years.

In 2015, there were approximately 165,000 health and fitness apps from which users could choose.
This has not just been because people have become more health conscious. It is because these apps have simplified the concept of staying fit for people.

They have seen a significant rise in terms of the number of users. Fitbit app, that is one of the most widely used fitness apps, had 2.6 million users in 2013 which increased to 9.5 million users by 2015.

In 2017, Fitbit had approximately 25.37 million active users of its app and products. Similarly, MyFitnessPal had 11.7 million users in 2017 and is growing at a rate of 1.5 million new users each month.


Most frequently used Health and Fitness Apps

Among the millions of apps that are present, the users mostly choose from some basic apps that fulfil their needs. The mobile app development companies understand that need fairly and are focusing on developing those apps only.

Some of them are-

  • Activity Tracking apps


These apps calculate and keep a record of all the activities that you've done in your day. Activity tracking apps are so appreciated because even if the user doesn't go out of his way to remain active, he can still know the number of steps he climbed or how much he walked.

  • Diet and Nutrition apps


These apps take care of the food habits of the user in a day. They keep a track of the calories intake, what the diet of the user should be and what they should eat throughout the day.

Usually, diet apps are downloaded by users so that they can maintain their diet and stick to it.

  • Workout or Exercise apps


There are a lot of apps in this category and that is because they provide the users with a lot of exercises that they can do on a regular basis. The option of getting a personal trainer workout session is also available that gives a demo on how to perform the exercises.

What are the features that should be included in health and fitness apps?

Every app has its own specifications which would define its features. However, some of the needs of users are quite general and thus the basic features of the app should be based on those needs.
No user would like if, after a while, the app becomes monotonous and boring. They would also not like the app if it is too confusing to operate.

Mobile app development companies need to keep these basic needs in mind and then design the features accordingly. Here are some of the features that must be included in a fitness app-

  1. Adding personal information The first step in any health and fitness app should be to provide a platform where the user can fill out their personal information. This would include their height, weight, age, gender, and other basic information that would further build their diet plans.
  2. Giving the option of setting targets Targets are what makes a person want to achieve something. A user would always want a force that drives them into completing the workout/ activity. The feature of setting targets would make your app unique and preferable.
  3. Getting notifications Not every user is vivacious about their workout plans every day. They need a reminder to keep them motivated. Keeping them alert about their plan and notifying them will keep them from being ignorant about their routine. However, app development companies should remember that the notifications don't cross the line where they start nagging the users. Once the users get irritated, it doesn't take them long to delete the app.
  4. Keep the app socially interactive The major emphasis lies in making the app very friendly & opening the gate for social interaction will do just that. It keeps the users engaged and entertained if they can compare their workout plans with their friends or family. This feature would link the app to their social media accounts and will let them see who else is using it. That will ensure that the users don't grow bored of the app.
  5. Availability of customization The usability of every user of an app would be different. Similarly, the chart of the workout or the eating habits of every user would differ as well. Setting a standard idea would become a barrier for the users as they wouldn't get the personalized experience that they would have liked. Have the option of customization so that every user can customize their own diet plans according to their needs and routine.
  6. Focusing on UI & UX In the end, it is all about how you present yourself that would attract the users. But making the appearance of the app unique doesn’t mean making it too complex either. Mobile app development companies should emphasize on making the time that users spend on their app worthy. This would ensure that they enjoy it and keep on using it repeatedly.
  7. Providing Geolocation This feature comes in handy for all the users who wish to keep a record of their workouts, how much and where they've walked. It also lets them know their current location and what route they can take. For all the outdoor working out enthusiasts, this is the perfect feature!

How much would it cost App Development Companies to Build a Health and Fitness App?

The estimated cost of building a health and fitness app depends on a number of factors-

  • the kind of features required
  • the platform on which the app is built (iOS or Android)
  • the design and appearance of the app

Basically, the functionality of the app decides the cost of its development. As an app development company, you can make your design very basic and simple for the users to use and the cost will not be a lot.

On the other hand, if you input a lot of creativity in your design, the development cost will be higher. Also, the kind of people you hire variates the cost of building the app.

There is no fixed cost required to be spent on mobile app development services. However, on an average, the minimum cost for development of health apps is around $5000, and that can increase depending on the features you input.

But then all the costs incurred on developing the apps can be recovered as well. Not all the services provided to the users are for free.

Some of them require a subscription as well. Other than that, there is the option of putting up advertisements on your app.

However, the ads should not hamper the experience of the users on the app. If the ads disrupt the users too much, they are likely to delete it altogether!


For some years now, the inclination of people towards remaining fit has increased a lot. And the obsession with smartphones has given a significant rise in the utilization of the health and fitness apps.

App development companies try to insert as many unique features as they can, and that might make building the app a tedious task. But the best part is that once the users like your app, they’ll remain fixated on it making it successful for you!

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