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How iPhone changed the world of enterprise mobility

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Let us learn about how iPhone have been bringing in changes to the world enterprise. Has mobility reality been beneficial for businesses?

Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhone units and, users have downloaded more than 180 billion mobile apps from the App Store since the company launched its first iPhone in 2007. There has been great impact of the device on the modern world and, of course, on the company Apple itself. But what impact the device has created over the enterprise world and enterprise mobility.

This article goes into deep and analyzes what impact has iPhone succeeded to create on enterprise mobility.

Let’s begin.

Apps are smartphone.

It’s the iPhone that made the smartphone app-oriented. And it’s Apple which made the concept of apps matured and later other companies like Google and Microsoft adopted the same. The company launched its app store in 2008. Other companies followed the same path and launched their app stores too.

Advent of iPhone also began the concept of OS-specific developers such as iPhone app developers and Android app developers. Previously, there were language-specific developers only.

Location feature got more attention

There were BlackBerry devices as business phones before iPhone but they were generally focused on email. No one ever considered the value of adding location-detecting capabilities to a phone. When Apple launched iOS software, it added API for GPS and mapping capabilities. It allows apps to detect the location of a device which businesses around the world took quite useful for a lot of their operations. Other companies too added the same location detection capabilities to their smartphone devices.

Bring Your Own Device gets strengthens

Before iPhone became a part of enterprise mobility, most of the smartphones were issued to employees only by the IT departments. But, iPhone changed the whole concept. An iPhone, apart from being a personal gadget, comes with load of power to handle almost all enterprise operations. This strengthens the concept of Bring Your Own Device.

Enterprise Mobility Management Responds to BYOD

Enterprise Mobile Management became more important with the rising of the concept of BYOD. IT department ensures security of the device and makes sure that they are provisioned with right sort of apps.

Productivity Boosted up

Apple launched its iPhone 3G quite smartly. It added support to Microsoft ActiveSync out of the box. This allowed mobile devices syncing data with Exchange email. The support made things easier and of course contributed to blurring the line between work and free time.

This is how iPhone along with iPhone application development have changed our world, the way we do your business and the way performance our enterprise operations.

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