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4 ways artificial intelligence will transform mobile app marketing

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Machines can illustrate intelligence in the same way as we do by applying our natural intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time now but it is only recently that people have started realizing some major breakthroughs that it has brought along with itself. AI is surely going to revolutionize the mobile industry in coming years.

Machines calculate truth/false facts of any situation in the same way as we create truth tables and do the calculations. Computers are deployed by humans that extract archived historical data and apply legacy rules and programming logic over them to create magic.

With some algorithms and methodologies, machine learning solves every problem with a matured approach.

What can be truly amazing can be to find a robot that resembles a female and talks in a similar accent, as humans tend to find female voices a bit better.

They can walk, talk, feed a baby or can even repair their own self, all this at an unimaginable speed. In a blink of a second, a robot with AI will process 13,000 possible movements which can be pulled by 10^47 different behaviors.

This is something impossible to measure the extent of.

Automated Reasoning

Considering all the facts and figures, AI machines must be programmed just enough to assist us. The moment they get the liberty, they can be programmed to kill you or they might demand rights just like you! This is possible when robots reach a stage of self-realization.

We can control drones but automatic killer robots will not want us to interfere with their ‘task'.

Big tech companies have started buying small AI startups according to current trend over past 5 years. Artificial Intelligence empowers the applications to behave intelligently and reason out on their own.

How can a simple mobile application to book taxi/cabs find out the best route with lean traffic, learn from past journeys and suggest us to reach destination real quick?

With a flurry of amazing AI features like Amazon web services (AWS), Amazon focuses on machine learning and other businesses to enjoy same IT infrastructure. It becomes easy to translate the language, analyze video and scan texts for key phrases or trends etc.

Amazon is able to quickly transcribe customer phone calls and analyze appropriate text for customer sentiment. New AI offerings from AWS are pulling off the workload of tech giants like Apple and Facebook.

Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Recognition Video, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate etc., are among the some of the best offerings in AWS.

China’s E-commerce giant, Alibaba was able to develop an artificial intelligence model that scored much better than humans in a reading and comprehension test as described by a survey conducted in Stanford University.

Learning purchasing behavior

It is quintessential to find new ways to increase revenue once you notice a decent number of app downloads. For this and more it becomes increasingly important to send emails, push notifications, and in-app messages.

AI-powered systems ease out this task by processing this data and provide targeted suggestions about the products or services that your app might offer you.

Engaging Content

Your application must not only act as a content cookbook but must have some spice for action-learning. Fresh new relevant engaging content must erupt every morning which keep your audience hooked.

Artificial intelligence along with Mobile App Marketing can go a long way in presenting content according to user’s choice, which gets updated regularly and makes relevant recommendations on regular basis. It is simultaneously important to log customer’s routine and preferences.

AI helps in focusing your application promotion on a consumer experience and clarifies app value.    

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