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Top 8 iPhone app development tools for SEO specialists

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There are SEO specialists working with digital marketing companies and drawing quite a handsome salary. If you ask any such SEO specialist, you will learn the different tools that they make use of while performing their job.

Content writers are often questioned about what is Search Engine Optimized or SEO optimized content?

Then why not have smartphone applications specially designed to cater the same task?? There are iPhone app developers who actually thought that such an important aspect of digital marketing could be an engaging idea to develop applications on.

But, it is not just the iOS guys who had this idea ringing in their brains, Android application development companies even have similar applications that aid SEO executes to carry out their job while traveling as well. 

Google Analytics App is one such example of Android application to analyze SEO for your company's website SEO right from your smartphone anywhere and at any point in time.

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Likewise, there are few noteworthy applications developed by the iOS developers that are designed especially for the SEO specialists.


* Adwords and SEO Secrets

Yet another free application, Adwords and Seo Secrets have been developed to offer an extra help to the Digital Marketers for your business. Even if the users are just aware of the basics, still this application comes handy featuring interviews of over 30 experts in the same field.

Such interviews serve as the tutorials for the young professionals to teach them with the basic tips and tricks in order to fetch more traffic to the website.

* Dashboard for Google Analytics

Available for both iPad and iPhone, this application access Google Analytics to display all the primary performance indicators, which include real-time information. Such data are the crucial business to monitor live content campaigns and offers the easiest way to tally the competitors’ position in relation to the goals set in the analytics.

* SEO Pro

iPhone, as well as iPad users, will be really proud to own such a unique application that can actually serve as the most convenient tool, especially for the SEO guys. This application tracks the identifiers used by you or your company to monitor the website's performance.

This particular application fetches information from the tools such as Alexa Score and MozeRank. In addition to tracing SEO results, the SMO outputs are also monitored especially for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram.

* HubSpot

iOS app developers usually design applications that are easily workable on both the iPhone as well as iPad devices. But, HubSpot is available for use in the Google Play store as well.

This application is designed to perform a lot more than mere delivery of analytical data. The Marketing Grader interface embedded in the application provides real-time insights into your overall online marketing concerning blogging, social media, lead generation, mobile optimization, and SEO.

This application is definitely a must-have one especially for those who are involved in digital marketing to understand the strong organic search performance.

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* HootSuite

Managing social media results also fall under the responsibility of the digital marketing professionals. Social media optimization falls under the realm of SEO where the results shipped from the social sites help in tracking the branding of the company.

Scheduling messages and tweets as well as tracking brand promotion strategies and analyze social media traffic are few such tasks that are usually performed by this single application. In fact, the entire social media part of the SEO is shouldered by this single application.

* SEO Automatic

Even though this application comes free of cost, the complete version of the application, however, charges $9.99. This application can prove to be the real time-saver for the digital marketers especially the SEO specialists.

SEO Automatic does almost everything for on-page search engine optimization including on-page analysis and content and code analysis taking not more than 45 seconds.

* SECockpit SEO Keyword Research Tool

Research for keywords while traveling never get easier than SECockpit SEO Keyword Research Tool. The user-interface is deliberately kept as bland as possible with attention restored to only keyword prospecting.

The SEO results drawn from this particular application if matched with that of Google Adwords, they actually tally. Even though the entire navigation process is kept highly boring yet the keyword research efficiency improves with time.

* Podio

A virtual office application, Podio comes with endless features that can actually prove highly beneficial for the companies if the employees own one such application. There are others like Podio but it has a lot more functionalities to meet in comparison to the other similar apps.

Messaging, project management, handling sales leads, tracking job candidates and deciding meeting schedules are few such helpful features that make up the interesting interface of this particular application. There are more added to the kitty.

Learn after installation. The best part is that it is absolutely free of any charges.

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Wrapping up

The SEO specialists really have to work hard to increase the ranking of the websites they are working for. Hence portability and convenience if something that can actually prove as a blessing for these hardworking executives such that they can be in touch with the results even when holidaying or traveling to other places.

The iPhone application development companies as well as the android ones do care about their welfare and therefore design such apps to ease out their lives a bit.
So, if you are an SEO working professional, check out these apps in the Play store and enjoy raising the website ranking anytime and from anywhere.

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