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How Beacon Based Solutions Enhance Micro-location Management

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Reframe your offline store through Bluetooth based marketing. Every piece of the device can connect to each other, communicate and transact amongst them. Internet of things and Beacon Technology require being acknowledged this time!

Employees are the core of any organization. Saving them from workplace hazards and providing them a safe and healthy workplace environment is very important for long-term success for both organizations as well as an employee. Beacon-based solutions can be a boon for efficient and safe working environment. Such solutions can be designed for both connected as well as non-connected environments, for tracking and communicating in emergency environments.

Averting Workplace Hazards

These micro location-based technology devices, send radio frequency signals and connect with nearby Bluetooth devices.

It becomes easy for devices like smartphones and laptops to detect the Bluetooth signals. The closer the receptive devices are the stronger signals they will receive.

These tiny devices are powered by coin batteries, have sensors to detect location, a smart module with Bluetooth and sensors to detect motion and temperature.


A beacon attached to shop wall can easily detect a possible smartphone app and can easily communicate with the current location of a person accurately. As a retailer or businessman, you have a great chance to bank upon this idea and target your communication based upon the proximity of the customer.

Beacon devices installed in industry premises provides supplemental data in absence of GPS signals and communicate its location through BLE technology to any wearable that can read GPS signals.

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Warning Signals in Proximity

It is an ideal solution for the safety of people who have to work alone. These devices come with some of the most amazing features like accidental fall detection, which can save an individual's life by sending signals to Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. It works wonders for indoor safety and location awareness purpose and proves to be the best beacon based solution for those who have to work alone.

Tracking Assets / Mapping Warehouse

Beacons have been transforming the features of micro-location and presence detection into a delightfully powerful competitive advantage for businesses in logistics. Further, these have eased out locating the items in huge quantities in big warehouses or parking lot. Coupled with a map based CMS interface, this helps in detecting the status of the items and schedule as to which items must go to which order. Thus beacons go a long way in tracking assets and mapping warehouse.

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