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Top 5 mobile app development for on-demand services

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Today, we get so much that our demands just exceeds out means at times. Mobile technology has emerged nothing short of a boon for the users.

Especially, when people have urgent need of a service, then such useful mobile app development solutions come handy. The blog here brings forth five such on-demand service provider applications that can instantly meet the urgent need of the mobile users.

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Such apps are actually contributing towards disrupting the entire service sector something, which Uber and UrbanClap have already initiated a few years back.

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Here are five similar app development services that are specifically designed to meet the instant need of the users.

1. Doughbies

Food lovers will agree on this fact that cravings do arise suddenly and can seriously hamper general thought process. There are people who just love freshly baked cookies.

Well! Doughbies promises a 20 minutes delivery of the item right at your address. However, the receiver has to go outside and meet the delivery boy.

Another backlog is that this application is only available for users in San Francisco itself.

2. Laundrapp

London-based Laundrapp operates in other areas such as Birmingham, Solihull, and bonny Edinburgh as well. This particular application has dedicated professionals who pick up your dirty line right on-demand, get cleaned from local cleaners and deliver right to your doorstep but within 24 hours.

3. Shuttlecook

Yet again, an application designed especially for arduous lovers of great food. Everybody loves to experiment with cooking good food.

However, the entire process can be really tough to place together. Even after the ingredients are properly placed in line, there is still no guarantee that it will awesome.

Though, Shuttlecook cannot imitate the user's culinary skills yet will feed a recipe per day with minutely measured ingredients delivered right to your doorstep to create magic.


4. Lowdown

It is often not always humanly possible to remember every single detail of the person one is planning to meet. Therefore, a business meeting comes up and requires a last minute preparation needed especially to learn about the person and the company in concern, the app can help you in that.

This application, Lowdown, can deliver instantly the information to the phone just before the meeting takes place.

5. Japan Crate

Japanese candies can be really yummy!! There are certain smartphone users who enjoy the taste of such candies but are just too lazy to even travel to the place to get one. Japan Crate is an application that handpicks the bunch of candies and gets them delivered right at the stipulated address mentioned at the time of order placement.

However, this application development service is chargeable and is available only within the USA.

There is just one application that really deserves worth mentioning here and that is none other than ‘Desk Beers’.

This particular application can be the most popular especially among the young urbanites. Even though the application service is restricted to the whole of UK yet has acquired quite an attention for itself.

Companies can see few happy faces in the office if they subscribe to ‘Desk Beers’ delivered to the office weekly. The beer list is just awesome to shed off few extra work tensions and chill out with coworkers.

Wrapping Up

Who will not love to install such applications on their smartphones that involves such helpful services within minutes? The only sad part is that they are available for restricted areas only. Therefore, best mobile application development companies need to concentrate more on such unique applications that meet the on-demand service requirements of the users.

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