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Avoid 10 common mobile app development mistakes

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Mobile applications require quite an extensive design and development knowledge to make them highly engaging and addictive.


Else, users will sidestep them for better alternatives- of which there are numerous lying in the app stores. Often, pioneers of applications commit themselves to careless errors in the mobile application development that can club together to jitter the seamless usage of the same application.

Now human errors are common. Afterall, “To err is human”.

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Thereby, outlining few such common mistakes that any app developer can commit to at any point during the entire app building journey.

  • Including too much into one is a blunder usually committed by individual developers. Turning the entire content into a workable application will only turn the experience clumsy. Mobile apps are supposed to streamline and speed up the process that usually takes up a lot of time when performed in the web application.
  • Developing on too many platforms at the same time is by itself quite a challenging task to accomplish. Unless the resources in hand are limitless and budget huge then such a decision can work. Else, you are insured trouble.
  • Releasing an application without multiple app testing can be an unforgiving blunder. Afterall, it is the quality of the final product that draws customers in numbers. Multiple app testing arrests any abnormalities in time before the application is available for users in supporting the positive brand growth of the company.
  • Avoiding the post-launch marketing can surely kill the chance for your application to steal the show before your competitors did. How do you suppose your end app will reach the target downloaders? Obviously, mobile app marketing, especially across social media platform, is necessary to reach the maximum installations.
  • Did you just forget working on app size? Kindly do not commit yourself to this scary blunder. Else, your application will surely end up off the smartphone if it robs too much of the free space.


  • Forgot your homework? This can be a serious mistake, especially if the target customers are not well researched before developing the prototype. Any application development entails an extensive market research to identify the customer preferences, tastes, culture, and requirements especially if app renders localized service. Example: Designing a mCommerce application to sell bikinis but targeting the UAE women will be a failure of course.
  • Fix your priorities first. Especially, when identifying strategies that will either boost app downloads more or app retentions instead. An experienced mobile developer must have the knowledge that both are equally important. But, retaining existing users ultimately write out the application success. Acquiring tons of downloads does not mean the application is a success. Rather repeated usage by the existing users is what success can be defined for a developer.
  • Do not even ignore negative reviews and feedback on the app stores. Especially when the reviews come in detailed points or paragraphs. Most of them actually carry valuable insights of what the end users are actually feeling about the application. Take note of them and start amending the mistakes.
  • Did you just fail to design a proper cost estimation budget? Cost is the most crucial factor in any iOS or Android application development process. There are certain hidden costs that pop up now and then during the development journey. Design a proper budget will help the developer counter any sudden need to spend money or spare some extra amount for app promotion. Estimating and preparing cost budget will not put a stop to the development process if sufficient funds are lacking.
  • No update or back up plan? As earlier mentioned, user retention is more important than app downloads. Therefore, a proper backup or updated plan must be there such that the existing users can be brought back to the application with new updates and features added to the existing one to enhance user engagement.

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Final Words

As earlier mentioned, humans are committed to errors. This is something that can never be eradicated until and unless you bring robots to replace human workforce.

Therefore, the best alternate solution is to prepare a checklist of all the possible errors that developers commit when designing different applications and tick them off the next time if not executed likewise. Hire dedicated mobile developer like Fluper to learn from their experience to design apps, eliminating any possible blunder committed during the whole process.

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