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iPhone x and iOS 11.3: make your app compatible with both

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The release of iPhone X where X symbolized for the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone series, brings a lot new and exciting changes in the iPhone features. iPhone X is first in history to adopt OLED screen with glass and stainless-steel form factor.

As we know, Apple is famous for showcasing the technology of the future. This time too, Apple brings commendable features like wireless charging and Face ID authentification to unlock the device by scanning the face of the user.

It also brings us funloving Animojis which are animated emojis.

With the release of the latest version of iOS 11 i.e.

iOS 11.3, many of the functionality issues that were creating a reckless have been resolved effectively. The main trouble of inefficient battery settings has been solved in iOS 11.3.

It comes with an additional set of 'Battery Health' which shows the battery lifespan and also tells about the current status of the battery.

It has become crucial for the mobile app developers that they test their applications for compatibility with both iPhone X / iOS 11.3. In this article, we will discuss the recommendable tips that will help mobile app development companies and developers to make efficient apps that are compatible with the latest technologies and software.

Apart from this, we will also discuss the latest features of iOS 11.3 that gives an extra advantage to the developers to make their apps that when combined with these features will give impressive app quality and user experience.

Let's see first the tips that you should consider while developing mobile apps:

  • Different Platform Compatibility: 

Test your app on the different platforms as in today's time cross-platform app testing is essential. If you look at the different Apple iPhone series, you will notice that iOS 11 is not compatible with many iPhone series devices.

Thus, testing should be done considering all platforms specifications to offer user satisfaction.

  • Follow the New Features:       

    iPhone X has replaced its earlier home button with the new swipe gesture function. This means the task which was performed with the help of home button like killing background apps, starting task manager, etc.

    will now require a new way to deal with it. Thus, developers need to code from the start to make their apps adjustable with these new features of iPhone X.

    And thus, need a rigorous testing of their apps before launching.

  • Build and Check Your Responsive Layouts:

    With the bigger screen of iPhone X and excellent PPI, higher resolution and different aspect ratio, online businesses have a better opportunity to enhance their applications feel and look. Furthermore, while developing apps make sure that it is best fitted to both portrait and landscape mode.

    Hence, app developers should test the responsiveness of the graphics, layouts, etc. to be compatible with the iPhone X.

  • Catch Up App Updates: 

It is highly recommended that you should develop your apps in a way that it easily gets updated with the new version of the iOS 11. Already, iOS 11.3 has been launched, thus keeping in mind the need of growing and improvising should be the main focus when you are building your app.

Moreover, Apple is making sure that the companies making the future apps should develop applications that are compatible with iPhone x and includes its key features like Sirikit domains, new camera APIs, ARKit, etc. Apple notified to the developers that starting April this year, it is mandatory to build apps using iOS 11 SDK.

Applications which are not built using iOS 11 SDK will not be accepted on App Store. Alos, all the apps must support the iPhone X's Super Retina display.

Thus, it becomes a point of great focus for all developers to develop applications according to the latest changes suggested by the Apple company. These changes are necessary for the Xcode 9 or later versions.

The technologies are advancing at the high pace and it is no surprise that the users will expect higher app quality and better user interface. For, a mobile app developer it is quite important that they develop apps that follow current trends and build on latest platforms.

That way their apps will be able to keep its pace with the new technologies.

Coming down to the features of iOS 11.3 that grabs everybody's attention and will help the developers to make creative and innovative apps are as follows:

        1. Turn off the Throttle:

iOS 11.3 offers users to take control over their battery. The user can turn off the throttling feature, otherwise, go to the battery option under settings and see battery's current life.

        2. ARKit 1.5:

Earlier, ARKit enables only the recognization of horizontal surfaces that means a user has to place a virtual object in a way that it becomes the part of their real world. For example, with the ARKit app, you can see how a new design table placement will look in your living room.

But you can't place a vertical object, for instance, a painting on the wall.

Incorporating this new ARKit 1.5 in iOS 11.3, you can realize horizontal as well as vertical surfaces and also uneven or irregular surfaces. This will help AR developers to create and develop new things.

Apart from this, it will increase the accuracy of the augmented reality app development.

         3. New Animojis:

Convey your emotions through fun Animojis. These Animojis are based on the Face ID motion sensing.

It moves with our face and you can send emotions in the form of animated avatars. iOS 11.3 adds 4 new creatures into already existing 12 Animojis.

         4. Health record:

This app helps in maintaining the patient's data and synchronize it across the medical departments. The healthcare app will collect data from different sources and will make a single view file that will contain your medical history like lab results, conditions, and medications.

This app is in beta testing but hopefully will be accepted by every medical institution and will surely bring more accuracy in services in medical industries.

 Above are the few features of iOS 11.3 that we have discussed. There are many features that will enhance the user experience and a lot of room for improvement.


Apple's iPhone X brings a promising wave hinting that there is a bright future ahead for mobile tech market with a great scope of innovation and enhanced productivity. For businesses, this brings an enhanced digital presence in the market and offers an extensive reach to their potential targets.

For developers and businesses, it is important that they don't compromise with the quality of their products (especially applications) otherwise, they will lose their customer's loyalty. Thus, check and test multiple times to ensure that you offer hi-tech applications that make your users happy and run on different platforms without any laggings in the performance.

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