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Augmented Reality has been one of the major trends that took the level of technology encompassing us by a storm. More than half of the industries have already made use of AR-based apps in their businesses to cope up with the changing scenarios. But think about it, how can you develop the best AR-based app?

Well, here's the answer. In this blog, you will find a list of the best AR Software Development Kits from which as an AR app development company, you can choose to fasten and enhance your development process!



Starting with what Vuforia is, it is an Augmented Reality SDK developed for mobile devices. It enables the creation of augmented reality applications.

The functioning of Vuforia is based on an advanced computing vision technology with the help of which it recognizes images, for instance, simple 3D objects. This image recognition enables mobile app developer to position and orient social objects like 3D models and other objects that are related to the real world when they are in the view of a camera or a mobile or other devices.

This gives the illusion that the visual object is part of the real world itself.

The core features of Vuforia are:

  • Image Targets: The placing of content is on flat objects; for example, magazines
  • Multiple Targets: The content is placed on objects with flat surfaces, but with multiple sides.
  • Cylinder Targets: As the name suggests, this feature enables the recognition of the cylindrical and conical objects, for example, the cans and tubes.
  • Object Targets: This requires the scanning of an object in order to place the visual content over it. For instance, the facial recognition in Snapchat
  • Model Targets: Even though the development of this feature is still in its Beta version, it still has its place. In this, pre-existing 3D models are used to recognize the shape of an object, for the purpose of scanning.



EasyAR is the next best alternative to Vuforia. There are two available versions of EasyAR; The SDK Basic, and the EasyAR SDK Pro.

The basic edition of EasyAR is free for commercial use. Even though it is not as advanced as the Paid one, it still has commendable features like cloud recognition and unlimited recognition queries.

The Free version of EasyAR can also store up to 1,000 on-device targets.

In the advanced edition, features like SLAM, 3D tracking, and screen recording can be accessed.



Wikitude is amongst the world's leading Augmented Reality technology provider and with its latest version, it has taken the spectrum of technology to another level. To use the platform of Wikitude, you have to purchase its license.

However, before purchasing, you can use the free trial version once. With its latest version, it also supports frameworks, such as Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium, and Xamarin.

Some of its initial features include the instant tracking technology (SLAM) implemented image recognition/geo-data/cloud recognition.

Now, with its latest version and an improved SDK, it comes with-

  • 3D markerless tracking,
  • Object recognition and tracking,
  • Image recognition and tracking,
  • Support for ARKit, ARCore, Geo-location AR for apps.



The ARToolKit is one of the most popular platforms for app development companies. It is an open-source software that is compatible to work on multiple platforms (not just Android & Apple).

It is a non-paid SDK and has features that are exceptionally good for a free platform.

ARToolKit supports robust tracking, and simultaneous tracking, which means you can build Augmented Reality applications that can track various objects altogether. Also, ARToolKit is not restricted to using any one language and supports multiple languages.

Moreover, it also has a strong camera calibration support.

Apple ARKit:


This is Apple's own augmented reality SDK that was released in 2017. This SDK would be available only for iOS 11 and above.

The major setback of Apple ARKit is that it only functions with Apple A9 and A10 CPU's, which means only the devices that have been developed after 2015 will be able to access it.

The best part about this SDK is that it gives the users a very realistic experience. It has a greater sense of scene understanding, and that makes placing virtual objects more accurately.

With the Visual Intertia Odometry (VMO), capturing and tracking of the real world around the device takes place. Because of this, it is easier to understand how an object is moving in a room, without having to be very accurate.

The SDK of Apple ARKit has enhanced the experience users have while placing virtual objects in real life. The Apple ARKit also manages the lighting of the virtual object according to the lighting of the surrounding, without the user having to do anything.



The tools in Maxst are available for free, and also with a commercial license. Depending on the requirements of your app, you can choose from either one.

There are two kinds of software that Maxst offers, for the purpose of developing Augmented Reality apps.

These are the Maxst AR SDK 2D and Maxst AR SDK 3D. The 2D SDK recognizes 2D objects and similarly, the 3D recognizes 3D objects and is more powerful than the former.

The major plus points of Maxst are first, its multiple platform support, which includes Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Unity plug-in formats. And second, it is comparatively easy to implement 3D related effects on the images and that encourages the mobile app developers to create more realistic AR experiences.



XZIMG works on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows. Also, it is a paid platform, the unpaid version is only available for the purpose of demonstration.

The Augmented Reality products that XZIMG is offering are:

  • Augmented Vision: Recognises and tracks simple and plain images,
  • Augmented Face: Recognizes and tracks faces
  • Magic Face: Face replacement takes place, and it also works as a solution for make-up applications



Augmented Reality application development with Kudan is exceptionally easy and is also primarily why it is the rival of Vuforia. The license on Kudan requires purchasing, and the free version is only available for application testing.

The SDK engine of Kudan supports both marker and markerless tracking. It uses the technology of SLAM that allows the recognition of both simple and 3D images.

The integration on Kudan is pretty simple, but sometimes the development process becomes complex due to the Unity Editor.

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