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Learn the basic tricks to rank your app high on google play store

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The time has gone when android application development companies enjoyed the relaxing rules followed by Google Play Store towards the upload of any new application.

Such a slacking behavior definitely made the Play Store the easy target for any cybercriminals. And there have been multiple cases of zombies, cloned, copied and malicious applications filling up the store at a rapid pace.

Time and again, the Play Store came under attack from:

  • ‘ExpensiveWall’, lurking in about 50 apps in all.
  • Google Play Store came under attack from the ‘BankBot’ malware family.
  • In 2017, 700,000 apps were taken down from the Play Store and 100,000 bad developers as well.

The open-source nature of Android makes it the soft target for the cybercriminals as against Apple's iOS operating system and App Store is a lot safer and stringent when it comes to dealing with malware contents. The android developers, therefore, enjoyed the freedom to easily upload an app to the Play Store and get ranks easily.

However, the Play Protect feature of Google that makes use of the Machine Learning Technology brought in some strict measures, which in turn created difficulties for the cybercriminals at large.

Now top mobile application development companies involved with android app development really have to take extra measures to get their designed application selected for display in the Play Store. Once that is confirmed, the next major point of concern for any individual developer is to how one can get their application rank high in the Google Play Store?

At this point, the responsibility rests entirely on the shoulder of an individual developer. Yet there are some basic tips and tricks for those who go searching for advice on the same.

But even this can be quite a cumbersome task to accomplish considering the fact that an individual application has to compete with 3 million mobile apps segregated into different genres. To achieve a higher rank for an application, one has to study the target market minutely and the entire process is a sure test of time and patience as well as the understanding of few following factors such as:

  • Concentrate on building a product that people want since the application is specifically designed to cater the needs of the niche market instead of selling your personal idea.

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  •  Develop an ASO optimized application with app-specific keywords actually push the application up in the search results for any specific keywords used by the customers when scanning the Play Store for a particular application specific to a genre.
  • Try to build an adaptable and compatible application that can easily run smoothly on any particular smartphone device since the android market is highly fragmented and divided into different Android smartphones and tablets each running on different versions of the operating system.
  • Recognize the importance of Screenshots, Videos and Graphics to gain better ranking on the Play Store as well as draw customers who carefully study the application screenshots and videos carefully before installing the same in the smartphone.
  • Concentrate on App Retention, Maintenance and Update as they are the game-changing factors in the life of an application. The duration an app remains installed on the user’s smartphone is calculated by Google's algorithm to study the frequency of installation and un-installation of the said application. Longer installed apps attain a higher rank in the Play Store else vice-versa. Another point is the maintenance and updating of the application, which is equally important to rid it of the bugs and introduce new features, resolve issues and releasing the updated version of the said app.
  • Do not ignore the customers’ ratings and reviews since the app-savvy customers today are quite conscious and do not randomly install anything from the Play Store. They do a thorough research on the said application, which involves carefully studying each and every review, positive or negative, put up in the Play Store by the users. Therefore, it is advisable to the developers not to put fake reviews and ratings here. 
  • Always fetch reports on overall app performance in the Play Store with the help of Google itself since the search engine guru tracks the source of customer acquisitions and can clearly give you real-time insights on the app performance in the Play Store accurately.

Keynotes to take away

90% of the applications enjoy merely less than 10% of active users. This is definitely a crucial point to keep in mind as an application developer.

An application can get successfully featured among the top ranking ones in the Play Store only if they manage to steal more than 30% of an active user base. Now the term ‘active users' refers to those users who have downloaded the application but did not uninstall it yet.

Based on this factor, Snapchat continues to be the most trending application these days with an active user base of 44%.

Top mobile application development companies really need to study the strategies implemented by trending apps such as Snapchat to gain success with their developed app. Else, design them by keeping in mind the mentioned tips to achieve the objective of winning the top rank in the Google Play store. 

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