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Can mobile app development be considered a profitable venture???

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This is definitely a metaphorical question, considering the fact, which is, the entire universe is gradually drifting towards mobile application development.

Undoubtedly, the companies club together their towering efforts and dedication to make money out of it. Else, why will an intelligent person his/her money and time developing applications?

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The app stores, including the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, have made the profit in terms of billions of dollars since mobile applications have emerged as the recent craze amongst the companies and normal smartphone users. There has to be a system to create a pit full of money for the person or persons involved.

Any experienced mobile developer can say how costly it is to develop an individual application right from the scratch, not mentioning the time and difficulties involved with it.

However, the cost of app development varies in accordance with different parameters but in order to understand if they are profitable or not, different sides of the picture need proper investigation.

The first and foremost point is to understand:

Categories of Mobile Apps

There are two types of mobile apps usually created by developers

  • Apps developed to generate income and revenue where profit is made through the app sales and adapting advertising techniques such as in-app advertising and subscriptions.
  • Apps developed for marketing and branding are usually free of cost that does not charge a penny from the users and depends entirely on the number of people it targeted.

Platforms targeted 

This particular decision can prove to be a game-changer for the mobile application developer or whosoever involved with the entire designing process. The cost factor needs to be given consideration as well since different platforms come in different packages.

But, a single platform, even though is easier to handle, will only work and target a narrow niche specific to that platform only. Example: iPhone apps.

On the other hand, platforms such as Android is highly fragmented and scattered across multi-devices. However, the target consumer group is huge.

So, irrespective of the cost and difficulties faced in developing an app, it is profitable without any doubt.

Then there is a cross-platform concept, which also contributes towards the app gaining a far-reaching impact amongst the users, bringing in profit. However, the cost of building the same just triples up.

An application can never automatically generate money. The cost of developing an in the application is quite obvious to the initiator right from the beginning of the app building journey.

However, hidden costs are usually hidden until surprisingly revealed now and then. But profit generation through an app is not obvious from the face, especially for the free applications.

Other than that, openly resorting to charging users from a single download or in-app purchases through the apps clears out the picture right from the beginning.

Application development market has witnessed an exponential growth in the recent times with enterprises including the Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike are trying desperately to get benefitted from the growing sector.

  • Business Insider paints out the probability of 18% increase in global app revenue between 2017 and 2020 right from approx. $75.8 billion from 2016.
  • The advertisement revenue has compounded to 14% in 2017 from 6% in 2011.
  • In-app revenue has jumped from 9% in 2011 to 48% in 2017.
  • For Android developers, 2 cents are payable per app download wherein Microsoft offers $0.15.

So, best mobile application development companies and amateurs do make money which is obvious from the above figures. And like it has been discussed multiple times, there are multiple app-marketing strategies which can be availed to generate revenue in numbers.

  • App sales
  • Advertisements
  • In-app purchases etc.

Coming down to the conclusion part,

The one and only thing that can be highlighted in this blog and that is RESEARCH. This homework if seriously done can actually benefit an individual app developer or an experienced hired partner to build a successful application and gain from the profit generated from it. 

Best mobile app development companies can be approached for building an application or for consultation since they are market experienced to guide anyone with the revenue generating strategies to be implemented into the application.

If you are looking for a similar application, which is designed solely to generate revenue then Fluper, top-rated mobile application development company, can be the right platform for you.

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