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Improve your mobile website with these 4 easy tips

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It’s official – mobile is the new internet king… sorry desktops!

In 2016 mobile and tablet internet usage surpassed desktop use and now accounts for over 51% of internet usage globally Make an Inquiry about this news. This comes as no surprise with the popularity of mobile phone rising each year. More customers will access your website from a mobile device than ever before – so it’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly website.

If a website is not optimized for a mobile phone it’s unlikely that users will remain on that site.

A Google study found that 53% of people abandon a mobile page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, here are 4 easy tips to avoid frustrating consumers and improve your mobile website:

  1. 1. Design for mobiles/tablets

Simple and clear typography
To make reading easy, ensure your website uses an appropriate font size. Users shouldn’t have to zoom in on your text, and the paragraphs should be wrapped to fit the dimensions of the screen.

Minimize forms
Filling out forms is difficult even on a PC, and becomes even more complicated on a mobile device. Use forms sparingly, and when they are necessary, keep it simple and reduce the number of fields.

Clear call-to-action buttons
Landing pages should have visible CTA buttons. Ensuring that these have easy routes can increase conversion rates.

  1. 2. Search engine optimization

Over the last few years, Google has released a number of updates to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on search results. Simply put, if your website looks great on a phone, it's likely to appear higher on Google.

Images, CSS and JavaScript are often blocked by search engines – stopping crawlers from seeing them. Google’s “Fetch as Google” can monitor how your website is seen by Google’s crawler bots and help you improve search engine rankings.

  1. 3. Dynamic serving

Dynamic serving is a great way to optimize website content for mobiles and tablets. This tool allows the server to see which device is accessing the site and provides the appropriate CSS, HTML, JavaScript and image files. Mobile devices are likely to receive smaller media files and avoid loading megabytes of unnecessary HTML and CSS coding. Dynamic serving will improve load times on your mobile website and increase the percentage of users that remain on your site.

  1. 4. Simple navigation

Complicated navigational paths can result in the loss of visitors to your website. An ideal mobile website should have a visible and appropriately sized navigation bar. It’s essential that this bar has your most important and popular tabs. Paths should be kept short so that customers do not have to click on over five different buttons just to reach your products. It’s also beneficial to avoid long-scroll pages to improve load times and give your website the perfect landing page Make an Inquiry about this news.

Final thoughts

Failure to implement a mobile-friendly website can cost businesses a huge number of customers. Internet access via mobile phones is rising every year making it essential to have a website optimized for mobiles and tablets. To maximize the conversion rate of visitors into customers, businesses must maintain a mobile-friendly website.

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