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Is your mobile app deep linked?

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Mobile apps have launched phones with expanded internal memory because the apps being developed were taking a lot of space and did you ever wonder why is the size of the mobile app you are using increasing with every update?

Every app is in a race to provide best user experience to increase the use of their apps for which mobile app developers are working day hard to innovate convenient features to portray the best use of the application without the hustle of getting lost in the app. Now everyone must have seen the new offers delivered to you via text message and by clicking on the offer you are redirected to the page of a mobile app without launching the app.

Well, this is happening because of the deep linking. 

What is Deeplinking?

Deep linking is a process whereby clicking the URL redirects to a page in the mobile app without any interruption to the relevant content.

This methodology is widely used in marketing campaigns in order to provide better user experiences. This linking works like a hyperlink on the webpages where the components of the link contain a unique resource identifier which has the information of the page which is associated with it and the location of the page in a mobile app, this process of deep linking works in a similar manner for both iOS and Android app development.

Types of deep link

The type of the deep link can be categorized on the basis of the URI is used to navigate the relevant content in the mobile app. There are no specific names for it but the kinds can be identified based upon the function it performs. 

  • General Deeplink

This is the most basic one where the mobile app is registered and the deep link opens the dialogue for the mobile app launch.

  • Resource Deeplink

This one is similar to the hyperlink that redirects to the source of the page. Similarly, in case of apps, the URL of the page in the app is opened up with this type of deep link.

  • Android app link

This is an HTTP link that brings the user directly to the relevant content in an android app. 

  • Deferred Deeplink

These types of deep links are used to redirect the user to the app in case of the installation error.

Let's take an example 

An example is the best way to understand any concept and in case of getting to know the deep linking lets consider a link.

Flupermobileappdemo :// path? query_string

If we look at the structure of the URL closely the part that says flupermobileappdemo is the relevant content of where the redirecting has to happen and the rest is the path or route through which the user is able to open the page in the application in seconds. 

How does a developer implement mobile deep linking?

The mobile deep linking is available for both iOS app development as well as Android app development which means there exists a library of deep linking specifying the paths for different locations in the mobile app structure which makes it easy for the developer to establish the communication between the campaign introduced by marketing team and the relevant content in the application.

  • Firstly the developer needs to specify the URI(unique resource identifier) and declare in the main code of the application and the name should not match any component of the app. 
  • Secondly, define the actions that need to be performed with the help of deep linking which should match the URI of the deep link. 
    Many famous apps use the concept of deep linking in the social media apps, e-commerce apps and travel apps such as 

1. Social media apps

Twitter has a deep link to the timeline with an URL twitter://timeline which directly redirects to the timeline page. 

Facebook has a link associated with the profile page of the application with the URL FB://profile 

2. E-commerce and travel apps

E-commerce apps have integration of payment through the third party and product description of n number of brands. So in order to redirect to different pages in the application deep linking is used and also the in-app reminders lets you redirect to the page you wish to see later or a purchase interpreted due to a busy schedule of the user or bad network.

The same is experienced by the travel apps who redirects using deep linking. 


Mobile app developers can themselves use this concept without using the deep link library as well which can be used by iOS as well as Android developers to make it easy for the marketing people to run their campaigns and showcase the products of their brand exclusively with exciting offers for maximizing the sale.  

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