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Oreo is a real treat for Android app development companies

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On reading the title, the readers might be just wondering why compose a blog on Android Oreo when Google is soon planning to launch the next version- Android P?

The question is logical but it is never too late to discuss on any operating system and their versions. Before, Android P likely to capture the limelight, it is important to see the best features of Android Oreo such that comparison can be well-drawn when the new version is released sometime in the year of 2018.

Having explained the intention of composing the blog, it is time to speak on the topic. Therefore, coming back to Android Oreo, the android application development companies did have a lot to gain from this version of the operating system.

Even though the whole world is eagerly awaiting the disclosure of Android P at Google I/O 2018, yet the android app developers, if questioned, speaks quite in favor of the Oreo version.

Therefore, the blog especially explains the benefits of Android Oreo right from the developers’ point of view.

Android Oreo is the eighth major release of the Android operating system and has been termed after the popular cookie, thus keeping up with the choice of names for the different versions of an Android operating system. This particular version has acquired quite a name for itself especially for the much-needed Google Play Protect feature along with different other functionalities which are both interesting and easier to access right about the same time.

This particular version has been enriched with new features and functionalities that definitely require sketchy yet complete details of the key points that made Android Oreo a much loved operating system for mobile application development companies.

Google has rightfully commented, “Android Oreo is the smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever. The world’s favorite cookie is your new favorite Android release.”

Announced at Google L/O 2017, Android Oreo was countered by Apple’s iOS 11. Amidst the endless discussions and debates, Android Oreo remained a favorite amongst the developers and buyers.

Fastest and quickest operating system 

Android Oreo performs twice as fast as Android Nougat to complete complex tasks at a go. 

Multitask through PIP mode

One can perform two tasks simultaneously without the need to shut off one of the function to perform the other. Example: User can watch a YouTube video and chat in a messenger at the same time.

The video is shrunk into a small movable window by pressing the home button while typing in the messenger using the picture-in-picture mode. 

Notification dots

The notification feature in the operating system of Oreo has undergone a massive change with few alterations made here and there. All that is required for the users is to long press the individual icons in order to drop down the notifications from the app along with the shortcuts. 

A user-customizable channel is created to fetch the different types of notifications for display. 

Auto filling fields with Autofill Framework

It was Google Chrome that initially owned the ‘autofill’ function but Android O is the first operating system that introduced this feature with APIs to fill up long forms and the applications installed in the phone can autofill with already entered details. This saves a lot of time filling long fields with same details multiple times.

Google Play Protect

This is definitely the most happening feature included into the Android Oreo and can prove to be quite a relief for both the users as well as the android application developers. This feature keeps applications safe through regular scanning and updating for fixing bugs.

This particular feature protects the Google Play store from malicious apps. The AI and ML algorithm uninstalls the unwanted content-filled applications from the Play store and also scans those that are installed in the user’s personal device. 

Extended Battery Life

Irrespective of endless task performances, for playing games, chatting on messenger and or streaming videos online, the battery of the smartphone never betrays the owner, especially during emergencies.

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And a lot more…

Wrapping Up

There are the lot other functionalities Android Oreo is blessed with. However, space is limited and only the notable ones have been mentioned here.

But any top android application development company if approached with the choice, is likely to opt for Oreo as the desired version of an Android operating system for their prospective application. It is too early to predict much about the next version but rumors are already floating around which are so far quite positive.

Till then both the name as well the functions proved to be a real treat undoubtedly for the mobile application developers working on Android OS specifically.

You can add to the features if you want!!

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