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Why PHP web development company is recommended for AMP(accelerated mobile pages)

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Businesses today are at a competitive edge and are always looking for ways that attracting the audiences. The present era of business demands, an effective and attractive business pages and websites for the users. These attractive and innovative web and mobile pages are not just for attracting the customers but also offers many distinguish benefits to the business. These interactive pages give a distinguished identity to the brand and help to provide essential information to the customers.

Amongst the concept of creating web pages for the simple and static content, a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages are introduced. It has been observed by many experts in the industry that AMP is the next level of mobile pages that will take the outlook of the business to another level.

Let us understand the various aspects related to AMP.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Recently, Google announced a technique that can ease the creation of web pages for the static content.