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Why should you opt for progressive web apps over native apps?

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In the highly competitive world that we are living in, change happens to be the only constant. Users love the idea of grabbing any new technology that comes their way to bring the slightest convenience possible.

When mobile apps first made their arrival in our market, the users went crazy! Its usage kept on increasing and the growth of mobile apps knew no limit. But, of course, there comes a saturation point for every technology.

Since the time Progressive Web Apps (PWA) made their entry, native apps are taking a backseat.

We know what native apps are, we have been using them for quite some time now! But what is a Progressive Web App? In the easiest terms, PWA's are the web apps that work quite similarly to a native app.

The only difference is that you don't have to download them from the store. The functioning of these apps is almost the same as native apps, making them more efficient overall!

Benefits of choosing PWA's over Native Apps


Higher connectivity, faster loading, and a better customer retention. These are just some of the basic benefits that you get from PWA's because of which app development companies are shifting their attention more towards them.

There are many more that you can find out on this blog!

  • Compatible with multiple platforms: There is always a possibility that the app you are downloading might not function on every platform like Android & Apple. This is because different programming languages are used to develop apps on multiple platforms. This creates a restriction for the users and that is the one thing no user would prefer!

    For PWA's, the development of the app is happening for only one platform, i.e. for the web. Hence, the use of only one programming language takes place and that works across multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Better accessibility: The one factor where progressive web apps always stand ahead of native apps is their accessibility. All you need to do is open your browser, and type the URL of the site, and there you go! You can have access to everything in just one step.

    The scenario is not the same with native apps as well. You know fairly well how to download an app on your device. Now, recall all the steps involved. First, you go the Play/App Store. Then find out the app that you wish to download, then you start the installation process.

    It does not end right there. Even after the installation, there are some terms and conditions that you have to accept and it goes on. Well, PWA's provide the best alternative solution to this, giving them an advantage!
  • PWA's take less time to load: Talking about native apps, once the process of downloading is over, it is not like everything is smooth from there. If the size of the app is huge, it might take some time to load. Even if its size is not that huge, it still might take require some time!

    For any user, this time devotion is way too much. On the other hand, a Progressive Web App only takes the usual time that any web page would before loading. Also, even a normal average internet connection would also work fine with a web app giving the users a greater experience. This is one of the main reasons why there has been a rapid increase in customer engagement of up to 137%.
  • The best solution for small businesses: You can not only load a web app faster but can develop them faster as well. Even though PWA's are a good alternative to native apps, and you can develop them faster, somewhere their performance lacks a bit too. There are some features that you can not instill in web apps, which gives the edge for a faster development process.

    A faster development becomes perfect for any business that wants to build an app quickly. It is also beneficial for small enterprises that do not have a budget to build a native app. The cost and maintenance of a progressive web app are also cheaper. At both the ends of users and web app developers, maintaining a PWA is far less tedious than a native app

    For instance, users do not have to constantly update their app, it would automatically update as soon as the developer publishes them. Similarly, providing a general maintenance to the app is comparatively easier for developers.
  • Less device space is required: The essence of a Progressive Web App is that you can use it without actually having to download it. Unlike native apps, where you need to download the app to have access to it.

    We are now reaching the time where there are millions of apps in the market. And that means there are a million options for the customers to choose from.  Moreover, users already have more apps on their mobile phones than they would ever access. These apps take up a lot of space on their phone, and chances are they would want to accommodate this space somewhere else.

    PWA's work directly from the web, and downloading it simply means saving its URL on your homepage. Since it does not eat up the precious memory of your phone, it serves as the perfect choice!
  • Sharing of web apps is easy: Suppose you want to show a picture of yours to a friend who is not with you at the moment. What is the first solution to do that which will pop up in your mind? That you can share it with her using any social media platform! That is not just you, that is the mindset of half of the people today!

    Being able to share information with someone on social media has become an integral part of the digital world that we are living in. This also includes the part where you would want to share an app with someone. However, native apps pose a restriction there. With PWA's, all you have to do is share the URL link of your web app, and it is done!


Now that you have seen the benefits of progressive web apps over native apps, it is pretty evident why you should choose the former! Progressive web apps are proving to be the best of both worlds.

Giants like Forbes, Flipkart, Alibaba and many others have already opted or PWA's and that is marking the remarkable growth of one of the major emerging technologies that we are seeing today!

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