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Google I/O 2018 – the latest updates

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Google surely knows how to surprise its user when users are thinking “well now what more they can do”. So for users like us who are crazy about the new technologies, inventions and ready to accept them in our daily lives, here the new updates from the Google.

At the stage of Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai, announces the latest developments in Google Assistant, Google Photos, Android Google Maps, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Google is all set to release it's all new consumer features with the help of AI and machine learning. At the release, Google announces the next phase of the Google Assistant, which includes more than just voice assistant.

Gear you up for making your lives easier with the all-new Google updates to fascinate you with the technology boom.

  • Making Conversation With Assistant more Natural with “Continued Conversation”:

Google's makes talking to the assistant more natural as users don’t have to say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” every time before giving a command. The users just need to say it once and then start their conversation.

Apart from this, this new feature allows you to ask multiple queries in the same request.

  • Gmail Smart Compose:


Google introduces a smart way to compose your emails, by auto-completing your message. Just hit the tab button and complete your mail in just a few seconds.

Google's smart compose will use Artificial Intelligence to suggest you the whole sentence. This feature is easy to use and fits right in the email window.

In the upcoming weeks, these features will be enabled to use by the users. Just go to the settings and click “Try the new Gmail”.

In the “General” settings tab, first, you can try the “Experimental Access”.

  • AI Powered Google Photos:


AI delivers unexpected moments to your pictures from a special occasion. For example, you have a picture of your cute pet, to make it cuter and fresh, AI can drop the background color.

Also, if you have a black and white image of your childhood then AI can recreate that moment in color and make that moment more special.

The Google's “Suggested Action” is the all-new feature that understands the importance of sharing moments with your friends. Suppose you are looking through your birthday pics and you find your friend Rick in 4 photos, now you will get a suggestion to share these 4 photos with Rick.

If you want you can share these photos with just one click.

Apart from this, Google Photos app will surely recommend quick changes, fixes, and tweaks like brightness, adding pops of colors, rotation, etc.

  • Google Assistant to Make a Call in the Background:

Google aims to save up your time by becoming your personal assistant. On your behalf, Google assistant can call up to salons for an appointment or make a hotel reservation.

The features enhance the business and customer interaction and make it more reliable and better. This feature is still in development phase but a lot is anticipated from this feature.

The assistant can actually understand the nuances of the conversation and take out the conversation seamlessly. As stated by Sundar Pichai, “the technology which is used is “Google Duplex”.

This technology brings together natural language understanding, deep learning, and text-to-speech conversion”.

The assistant is so smart that once the conversation is done, it gives you a confirmation message about the scheduled appointment. Also, Google assistant is quite intelligent in handling the tough situation where conversation includes more tough questions that don't go as expected.

It manages perfectly that kind of situations by understanding the context.

The interesting part of this feature is that it comes in 6 natural human voices that sound exactly like a human. Also, it knows how to sound more natural like humming (mmm mmm) between sentences, and take some wait time just like a human being.

Although, this feature is still under development Google will conduct a test in this summer providing users to make reservations, schedule appointment, etc.

  • Google Assistant for Google News:

The AI features are incorporated in the new Google News. It helps you to do three things:

  1. Keep up with the news you care about or your interest area news.
  2. Understand the full story.
  3.  Enjoy and support the news sources you like. In simple words, subscribe the publisher or channel you love.

The Google News starts with briefing you about the top 5 stories at that time. AI constantly reads the firewalls for you, so that it can take out the news you would like to know about.

You don't need to tell the app what you like whether sports, politics or others. Because it uses reinforcement learning, thus the more you use the application the better and smarter it gets.

  • All New Google Maps:


The primary object to build a Google Map was to assist everyone. But now, we are able to add new businesses, addresses that we extract from the street view.

The new features tell you about the neighborhood you care about, new places that are opening around you, what your friends are suggesting to visit, etc.

Google assistant is offering new features to the Google Maps. It will give you more than just navigation.

Google is working hard to make Maps more personalized for the users by giving recommendations about the locality.

The exciting features that are released, is the combination of the camera with the Map and. With the help of computer vision technology, camera, and Google Maps, you can have the real-time view of the street you are walking.

It can identify the dogs breed on street, building name and address, street name, etc. You just need to point the camera lens at the object and it will tell you about that.

Google created a new score called “Google Mash” that helps you to find all the new and existing places that you love. You can share the list with your friends and they can also add in that too.

This will help you and your friend to decide a place for visiting. An easy and simple way of setting up a meeting place.

  • Google Introduces ML Kit:


It is a set of new set of APIs which is available through Firebase. It offers following attributes to the users:

  1. Image Labeling
  2. Text recognition
  3. Face Detection
  4. Barcode Scanning
  5. Smart Reply
  6. Landmark Detection

The ML Kit allows app developers to integrate Google-provided machine learning into the apps on iOS and Android.

  • Google's Digital Wellbeing:

This feature is for the users to help them in four different areas related to their wellbeing.

  1. Understand your habits
  2. Focus on what matters
  3. Switch off and wind down
  4. Find a balance for your family

Android brings the full visibility in how you spend your time, on what apps you are focusing and spending time more, the number of time you unlock and use the phone on a particular day, and many more. The aim of this feature is to make you spend time more with your loved ones rather than spending time on your device.

Google is trying to make your interaction with the device less at the time when you are with family or in an important meeting. Apart from the “do not disturb” mode and silent mode, this feature also prevents the notifications to pop-up on your window.

This feature is named as “Shush”. If you turn your phone onto the table then the phone enters into the Do Not Disturb mode.

You don't need to worry about the important calls, as you can make a list of the starred contacts i.e. even when “Do Not Disturb” is turned on, your starred contacts can reach you.

  • Third Generation of TPU Machine Learning Hardware:

In the conference Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, the new TPU pod is more powerful than the last year, having up to 8x more power as compared to the previous generation and with up to 100 petaflops in performance. The third generation Tensor Processor Unit 3.0 (TPU 3.0), will help companies to create customized AI hardware.

It will also provide a better environment for the iOS and Android developers as the large TPU pods are accurate, fast and offer to develop larger models.

  • Android P:

The latest version of the Google for the Android phone software offers many smart features. The AI-powered Android P will teach your device battery to understand how you use apps so that to save energy.

It will also adjust the phone's brightness level by analyzing your manual adjustments. But this feature will not be out now, till will be available for the new phones later this year.

  • New Navigation Design in Android P:

For making multi-tasking easier, Android P will have new navigation interface. Making a single home button like an iPhone X to access multiple applications.

Google's makes UI simpler and adaptable to all screen types. Just swipe up on the screen you will be able to see the recently opened apps.

Also, if you do a long swipe then you will get complete app drawer. With this new feature, Google has assimilated all-apps and space gesture as one function.

  • Static or Fixed Volume Slider and Screen Rotation:

A small but meaningful change for the users. It often happens with us that we think we have turned down the media volume but actually, we have the volume down the ringer of our smartphones.

This feature will help the user to use a fixed slide adjacent to the outer volume key. You can easily adjust the volume by sliding up or down on the screen.

  • Google Smart Display is Out for the Launch in July:

In July we will be seeing the first Google smart Display. This Smart Displays are powered by Google Assistant.

They have screen-touting speakers and can play YouTube videos which Amazon's Alexa-Powered display is unable to do.

  • Gboard Keyboard to Help People with Disabilities:

Google is already working on improving its machine learning for making a better platform where people with all type of disabilities can work on. Also, Google started developing Gboard Keyboard which is compatible with the Morse Code.

This will greatly help the people all around the world.

Final Thoughts

Well seeing these mind-boggling features of the Google, it is sure that they are running way ahead to make their user's experience a fantastic experience. And bring the new innovations into the palm of the users.

We all are anticipating for more features that make our lives more comfortable and offer great help to us.

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