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How AI, VR, and AR are impinging on Food and Beverage Industry?

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How AI, VR, and AR are impinging on Food and Beverage Industry?

Hotel industry is implementing AI, VR, AR technologies in order to magnify user experience. Often perceived as technological aid, their scope is much wider and pervasive.

With the exponential rise in technology, it is getting increasingly important to stay alert and up-to-date with how restaurants and hotels can merge latest innovations into their business. See how important it is for businesses to include contemporary digital technology to drive constant growth and revenue.

Can artificial intelligence really transform guest experience in restaurants and hotels?

From creating feedback loops to predicting behaviors such as how tempting the dish would be, similar to tailored ads in Gmail to movie suggestions on Netflix, AI development have tamed the way data was collected across each stage from planning, guest stay and providing personalized recommendations to improving their experience.

You will be amazed to hear about Alexa’s hospitality skills.

Ask them just about anything that occurs in your mind:

  • Alexa, I’m looking for nightlife at Hotel Taj in Goa that I'm visiting the first time. Can you suggest some place to me?
  • Alexa, what should I have for dinner?
  • Alexa, can you recommend a snack for my brunch?
  • Alexa, play instrumental music while I dine!

To improve the guest experience further and to contour certain operations by asking common questions and answers and making simultaneous requests such as dining recommendations. A Bluetooth speaker with some additional intelligence with an inbuilt smart digital assistant that can answer questions using internet database as its information source. It will play music, read books, set the alarm clock, tell weather, give recommendations on demand. What more can we expect from a hockey-puck size version of a small digital assistant?

How can virtual reality enhance your Hotel Stay?

Top app developers have been into VR app development which is now being increasingly used by hoteliers in tours of their properties to improve their marketing and direct booking strategies. Virtual tours are a potential method by which a hotel can give their potential guests a 360-degree walkthrough of their rooms and accommodation facilities. It is the new frontier for hotel marketing and booking strategies.

Reduce the number of wasted viewings and get a 360-degree panorama view while watching your property online. This powerful aspect of the virtual tour will give complete control to the viewer or user.

Add some special gamification elements while the guests are still waiting for their food. Players can be immersed in new worlds and onto amazing life-like adventures and make their wait worthwhile.

Restaurants are constantly evolving new ideas like creating virtual chefs to introduce the menu and varieties of food served in their hotel.

How can augmented reality transubstantiate hospitality industry?

AR development can as well help in engaging guests during their stay in the hotel, they are provided with an augmented reality headset on their arrival. It makes use of computer-generated sensory input to alter the way viewers perceive the world around them. Augmented reality is limited by the user's creativity. How convenient it would be for the visitors if they just point their smartphone in any direction to access information that makes their stay both convenient and enjoyable. AR can further help the guests to direct towards the nearest exit or show them where the various amenities are located. This will eventually help in enhancing their brand image, similar to how some hotels make use of QR codes to lead customers on property tours.


There is nothing more cryptic about the evolution of new technology now. From detecting sanity on the cooking equipment studying the buying behavior of local purchasers, detecting diners food preference when there is rain or changed food preference when there is a football match, juggling and experimenting with flavors but reducing food wastage so that overall cost can be reduced - technology will do everything for you.


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