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How companies can monetize artificial intelligence

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We are still not over with the Google I/O some really mind-blowing creation. In a stunning demo of Google’s Duplex making an actual phone call with a human touch, this is the perfect example of futuristic tech companies are going to introduce and use.

It is difficult to accept that an AI can interact human in such a natural manner!

Remember, that typical girly “hmm” and “Umm”; it was just phenomenal, isn’t that!

Have you ever think of it; your phone is going to make calls on your behalf, read messages for you, play music, play TV and navigate you while driving the car, it was out of our league. However, it’s a reality now; Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wing in our life gradually.

Everyone wants to cherish the piece of AI pie in any way possible. For many good reasons, there are ways that we have AI in our life as smarter gadgets, wearables, homes, cars, devices, and factories.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the thing which is growing so rapidly. Companies are keeping an eye on it, they are rushing to get monetize it.

Interestingly, most of the ventures are not aware of the correct way to get monetary benefits with AI. There are two ways that one can get benefited with AI.

AI Monetization can be divided into two broad categories; one is direct and another is indirect.  

What is direct monetization of AI?

AI-as-a-Service (AiaaS) is the direct method for using AI as a service and increase the profits. It enables companies to practically get the highly effective resources with minimal investment.

Let’s say, the healthcare industry has many such examples where they get benefits with AI enabled capabilities. The Forum Health booth at Microsoft India, where they used the 3Nethra retinal imaging device for detecting diabetic retinopathy in real-time.

3Nethra is the AI enabled-device for the healthcare industry, it can easily facilitate at a small place. This requires less space and human guidance.

The AI network can significantly improve the quality of healthcare at various level. 

What is indirect monetization of AI?

Search for a cab online, the next search will show similar cab booking ads and websites on your computer screen. Popups also work on a simple behavioral machine learning and AI; what is in your most search list will display on it.

We all experienced but never explored how this happened.

AI gives a contribution to the value or offering of any services, but not as a main earning source. Remember, when you search for a mobile phone on Amazon; it will start giving you ads for similar phones on the web.

It is just offering a regular service with the Artificial Intelligence after the understanding of your search, buying behavior and Facebook preferences. It helps companies to get benefits indirectly.

Mobile Application Developers also started incorporating this similar technology in their upcoming projects.

AI-as-services has many sections under one umbrella; the machine learning or Machine Learning as a Service (MlaaS). MlaaS will be huge in the next 5-7 years, in fact, some experts find that it will be a 20 billion by 2025.

Final words…

AI is great to have better capabilities and resources for your business and keeps minimal cost. This will strike up your business revenue in no time.

Yet, there is something that AI can’t ever provide, i.e. human touch!

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