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Developers need to prioritize security to use Facebook log-ins

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Mobile app developers grew their credibilities after getting introduced to the ready-made user data from Facebook and collaborated to develop unique problem-solving solutions that can be distributed among mass and benefits all at once but recently the data has only been misused by the third party developers due to the lenient screening by Facebook at the initial stage.

User data security has to be the prime concern of an iOS or Android app developer while addressing a million customers via an app and after the misuse was detected the facebook decided to do something about it and recently 200 apps have been rejected for not considering the security of the user as a priority. 

Encryption of the data by the developer

An android, web or iOS app developer should make sure that the data is encrypted in a format that is hard to be reached by hackers and securing the data case mathematically with symbols that do not make sense is a wise move from the developers end without causing any inconvenience to the user. 

Latest SHA-3 social security

The computing community is all about the hash function now but it was also used back in 1970 for social security. The information is contained in a mathematical function called the hash function and stored in the database while accessing the hash codes are matched from the database and user input but the information still remains the mystery.

This technique is old but definitely useful to the mobile app development companies while developing an app in order to introduce safe user interaction with the application.

Caution: Although the information is hashed first and then matched within the database the reverse can be used to crack the security function. Introduction to tradeoffs in mobile app development

Now that developer knows the trick to secure the information and a loophole to get it cracked it becomes easy for him/her to introduce an algorithm which secures the information of the user and is hard to break into. 

For instant the user information is saved in two columns one stating the name and the other password then the hacker can easily access the information of known user from the database of million users just by entering the name but the to clock the information the developer can use a single hash function for name as well as password of the user. 


The use of the app is spreading at a faster rate due to its ability to solve problems and providing comfort for a reasonable price but the precautions can only be pointed if the damage is suspected and the major damage that is caused to the users with the use of mobile apps is the threat to their personal information. We have an optimistic approach towards the acceptance of technology but every coin has two sides and to keep the negative side suppressed the suspected threats need to be eradicated.

Blockchain technology can be used to tackle such threats to the app users and awarding mobile app developers with the same. 

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