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How to handle app reviews

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My app is live and sooner there will be real-time reviews from the users, and am pretty excited and nervous both…

imageThis is a very common thought which crosses the mind of an app owner, since the app reviews Make an Inquiry about this news which are supposed to boost up the very concept of your app existence, can be positive and negative both at the same time, and you need to know the ways to handle this well.

Initially getting the some of the good reviews sounds pretty fun and a cake-walk, but sooner when there is an increase in the app download, then expecting something which may be negative is not at all exceptional.

The users come in all different size with different preferences and if you manage to handle your app’s reviews then the battle is won.

But what is the need of managing app reviews?

Hmmm, this is the question I was expecting J

The worth of app reviews is something beyond your imagination and you don’t know that this very reviews on your mobile app platform, build a trust factor not just with the existing users but with the targeted audience as well.